Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary

Today is our 1st anniversary. =D
Well, do nothing much because he has classes at night plus exams are coming so we are not going out or anything.
But, I cooked!!!! Yes, you read it correctly. I cooked all by myself for mr. bf to try. hehehe... Lets pray he doesn't get stomach ache. haha..
no lar.. i tink it's not bad lar... considering my first attempt of cooking.
I woke up at 8plus to buy the ingredients.. damn pai seh... cause the ingredient said "2 cloves of garlic" ... and.. being a idiot for cooking... i don't know what is cloves. means 2 whole?? or 2 mini part of the one whole... so what did i do?? I asked a shopper at NTUC who looks like she speaks english.. then she said.. anything... more garlic better!!! 2 cloves mean 2 mini ones..
she spoke kinda loud that i think the surrounding people were looking at me. -_-"
Anyway, then i went to buy promfret. I sneaked behind an auntie who was trying to explain to her maid how to choose a good one... But... I don't understand .. haha... anyway, after buying then went home started to cook liao ...
Anyway, I managed to cook one whole chicken, fish, chicken feet soup...
I failed the chicken rice though. Initially very fragrant and i was very happy... but.. the method said, once no more water, must fluff the rice to make the moist rice become dry... that's when ... the rice overcooked and burnt. =(=(
haiz... anyway, glad that my first attempt wasn't that bad...
Oh, and i bought him a PINK top!! hehehe... i know he won't dare to wear cause he thinks it's too girlish for guys to wear colours like pink. yellow.... so i bought him a baby pink shirt cause that's the only pink that suits him. hehe.. and i think it's nice! at least won't look gay ... =) ... must psycho him to wear ok? .. hehe..
And he bought me a watch... (another wish strike off). hehe.... pretty...
I will not be putting my wants on this blog liao... lest he buys everything... or ... maybe i should really put an audi car?? Volkswagon Bettle?? hahaha...

Well, for the past few days i have been going to the gym.. .and read books... nothing to do..
went to food expo too!!! For 3 times!!!! woah... i really fat liao...
First went there with his sister to check it out plus john little sale.
then second time went there to have lunch.
Third time, went with my mum and her friends to try out the food plus go john little.
woah... the amount of food i ate over there... i think i have gained 2 inches of fats liao... =(=(..

Friday is fun filled day!!! Meeting my godpa and godma go fishing!!! damn long didn't fish liao..
then at night meeting the gals (finally!!) for Hanabi dinner that i've promised them.

hehe... ok.. shall update again.. gonna go watch drama serials. =D=D=D

Thanks for this wonderful year together.

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