Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My happenings for the weeks!!!

Hmm.. Friday went out last minute to meet up linx and yuez for super late dinner at 8plus... went to Siglap .. initially wanted to eat char chan teng, but ended up at cafe cartel. And we are sosososo Singaporean... There was a promotion after 9pm the snackers, starters, coffee drinks and cakes are all HALF PRICE!!!!
HALF PRICE!!! So.. we chatted and waited till 9pm then ordered.. hehehe... All of us orered pastas cause it's 1-for-1. hehehe... Damn good deal.
We order pastas for each of us, 3 different tyoes of Cheesecakes, Snacker Platter, and coffee blends for each of us!! ... hahaha... and the total bill added up to $60++.. CHEAP EH???
After chatting for till 11plus, we went back hom because linx had to work and mr. bf got class.

Saturday I went gym for 3 hrs doing cardio cause i had nothing to do... baby got class then project meeting until like 7plus. Waited for him at school then we headed to Clarke Quay for Singapore Food Festival. It was the last day... most are peranakan food cause they are promoting Nonya food. We walked around eating here and there, taking photos cause very long didn't go clarke quay le.. In fact, it's been a long time since i go walk and shop in Singapore.

Next up on my "walk and shop" list would be Ion Orchard! It has lots of cool shops there!! Really!! And Smashbox is in Singapore!!! hehe... I remembered last time i used to buy their primer at Hong Kong cause it's good!!! And it has lots of new food outlets too!
Ok, anyway, here are some pic we took...

Over the weekend, having so much time, I chiong-ed all the way watching the Korean Boys Over Flower. It's the Taiwan F4 version of Meteor Garden. The drama is rather similar but some parts are different. Anyway, I finished watching on Sunday. Its good!!!!!!
kim hyun joong is SO SO SO SO SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My new crush. hehe.... I think he's better looking than Taiwan's F4 "Hua Ze Lei" (He plays that character in Boys Over Flower) ... His actions... awww... <3!!!!!!>
p/s: I still love you baby. hehe.

This coming Saturday is the LONG AWAITED CHALET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's been a god damn long time since we had a chalet le.. Really looking forward to it.
But think many people are kinda squeezed for time... but at least we managed to take time off for this chalet gathering. Well, it shows what real buddies are, eh? Yippie!!! I can't wait... though sunday i have to leave in the noon for an RC event. haiz.. Oh shit, have to change my tuition schedule too. Forgot.
Oh!! I have been dying to go the movies too!!!! Been a long time since i went to movies too. But really busy though.
Okay, gonna sleep liao. My eyes are tired from looking at the computer from 9-5 and seeing numbers. haha.

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