Wednesday, July 22, 2009

KL Trip

FINALLY! Managed to get some time to use internet and blog.

First, talk about the KL trip.

It wasn't a very good start though. Sat at Transtar Premium bus because I only support Transtar... however,.. when we were almost reaching KL, the bus broke down!!!!! :( ..

had to stop by the side of the highway and wait for another bus to come pick us.... under the damn hot sun.

reached the hotel like 3plus liao... super hungry... but we had to get the training tix so walked to Pavilion and met the lady.

After that, we rushed to eat our lunch... damn hungry. i brought him to try the chickren rice which i always ate when i went for conferences. because... there aren't many chicken rice that is actually nice in KL. well, that's like the most acceptable one.

Food in KL is rather cheap ... so u can order alot and won't feel the pinch. haha..

After that, we began our SHOPPING!!!!!!!!

My favourite, but not his favourite. hehe...

Went to Sungei Wang Plaza to shop...

He was so bored that he began to use the camera and start shooting aimlessly. for that, I shall not post it. cause it's ALOT.....

Shopped till 9pm before we went to the famous street Jalan Alor to eat.

Btw, we stayed at Radius International and it's damn near the food street. hehe.

My favourite was the fried mushroom with salad mayo. Super nice :D

By the time we got back, it was close to midnight liao.... damn tired. Our first day loots.

Next day... we went to Kim Gary to have our breakfast. I think it's so-so only, although it taste much better than Singapore's Kim Gary. The chicken wing is nice though.

Hmm, after that we shopped for awhile again before heading to Jalan Bukit Jalil National Stadium for our MAN UTD TRAINING DAY.

We waited for quite long cause we were early.. So the sun tanning begins...

Went the Man Utd Players came out, everyone screamed like hell. Even he started screming like i've never heard before. They exercised right in front of us so we managed to see who is who.From the camera we can see rather clearly. well, the training ended around 8 plus. After that we proceeded back to Bukit Bintang for dinner and shopping again.

On our way back by train, we passed by this. Talk about cheap food. Mac here is the same price as over there. Except, of course, the exchange rates are double. Imagine eating there, ou will save $3 everyday... haiz.... KL is CHEAP FOOD PLACE

The actual day was even frantic. The match was supposed to start at 5.30pm. So being Kiasu, we wanted to get good seats cause it's free seating. So, we decided to go shop around in Times Square then go over at 1plus. At 2pm we reached there, we were already considered late. -_-" so many people were already queueing.. So, we tabao A&W and started "queueing"...
We weren't exactly queueing cause we saw the crowd man people were not queueing so we play cheat. haha...
the gate wasn't opened yet so i went to get drinks. Then. went the gates were going to open, everyone rushed in front. There, i lost him. haha... He was in front which i was behind.. While squeezing, my surrounding was Singaporeans too! In fact, many are Singaporeans. haha... we chatted while sqeezing cause baby is way in front. I told him not to wait for me. Squeeze and get good seat and "chop" .. hahaha.... Auntie hor? .. but for Man Utd, he was more than ever willing.
Finally, when i got in, he was already sitting right in front in the second tier - the first row. haha.. perfect man. Again, the sun tanning began...
Then we saw Ming Xue and Zheng Yi diagonally above us.. hahaha... Such a coincidence.
After like 3 hours, the match was starting soon.... and the crowd was horendous. It was overwhelming. Cause the stadium is 3 tiers, not like us.... apparently, it fitted 85,000 audiences. It was practically a sea of red.
Some idiots trying to make themselves famous, wore Liverpool shirt. haha. dumbass.
One was cool though. He put up a signboard that says "SIGN ME, FERGIE" ... hahah.... damn funny lar.
Finally, when the match began... the roar and cheer from the fans.... my hair immediately stand. everyone was crazy.
The first goal was by Rooney, then subsequently, at half time, the match was a draw. I felt that Man Utd was slacking. and ... the suck. hahahhaha.. opps...!!!
Anyway, in the end, MICHAEL OWEN helped Man U score their 3rd goal and they won. Owen is so cute.!!! hehehe... Too bad he went to the lousy team. :(
To cut everything short, it was a good experience and fun. though it's not liverpool.
The next day, we ate the hotel buffet breakfast to try... and true enough, it is damn lousy.
Then, some last minute shopping and sight seeing to view the COSMO's World Largest Indoor Theme Park. It was quite expensive so we decided to give it a miss. But the roller coast ride seems fun though. Quite chellenging. haha.. But i think it's RM45 bah... some package i think.
We went back to check out then had our lunch at Stenven's Tea Garden. The famous teh tarik. The Nasi Lemak is quite nice and the bread is even nicer. Wanted to go Hard Rock Cafe to eat but apparently it has closed down... :(

Well, that's all for my KL trip. We spent a total of RM1,000++ on shopping and food. hehehe... broke liao...
Well, without any delay, i started work on Monday. No more tai-tai lifestyle. hahaha...
Helping out at Abbott because their Audit is coming so assist them in finance dept. learning new stuffs.
damn tired....
ok. think that's all ba. i typed enough.

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