Saturday, August 17, 2013

Birthday Treat!

 Had my little royal treatment on Saturday with my girlies to celebrate my birthday!
Had an awesome filling lunch! I requested for Sukiyaki cause I have never tried that before and it looks good (though i'm not a meat fan)!
There are different bases of soup and we opted for the kimchi soup and the milky soup. Both are equally nice but I prefer the milky soup cause it's sweet and flavourful!

Also it was my first time eating meat dipped in raw egg. Taste weird to me but still ok la. They said it makes the meat smoother to eat. Oh well..................
Our dear yuez, ended up making "dan hua soup" or like ban mian cause she kept eating noodles with that egg soup. haha.

Thereafter, we went to watch R.I.P.D. I think it was good! Very funny esp. that old uncle. lol. Use a banana as a gun. I had a good laugh!

Popped over to Aranda for KTV session! Then i realised, I haven been listening to musics and I don't even know new songs! --> Signs of aging!!!! *sobs*

And... we did something really peculiar! Bought a chocolate biscuit (similar to hello panda) and started shaking it! LOL! Yah! Duh right! Cause I was kinda amazed by the fact that linx managed to do it. Haha. Again, signs of stalking her. lol.

As you can see.... Fail. haha... it became tiny little balls. haha... Shall try again next time.
Then, I had this lovely Jelly Cheese cake!!!!! So pretty! Luckily the half top was made of jelly, otherwise we couldn't have finished them. It's not bad, not very jelat!

And tadah!!!! My present !!!! I so kiasu, immediately wore it cause I desperately need a watch to wear. I'm someone who feels weird and lost without wearing a watch. My watch is like almost 24/7 with me. Except when I bath. haha.
Was kinda surprised that they would choose to buy a watch! Thanks for making such a great effort to meet and choose it! Love it! The bling bling around the circumference always make a watch looks so  glam!

The lighting was abit bad cause we were seated facing the spotlight. haha.
Had a great time together, and I feel, it's the thought that counts. :)

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