Thursday, August 08, 2013

Happy 27th to myself :)

ahh... 27 already. I thought to myself, what have I done this past year?
Lots of things went through my mind, but mostly ended up grateful to what I have now.
Really. This year is more of an emotional leanring curve to me. So I have lots of emotional words to say now.
I remember when I was a little girl, I love birthdays because I get to have presents and blow out candles, and more importantly, celebrate and have fun! It was an excuse to eat my favourite foods.
As I grew older, more and more celebrations, but that's that.

Now, yes, I do still like getting presents, but I guess now is more of having close people celebrating with me. Celebrations to me now nothing but just merry joys.
The important to me is just having the people being together and having quality time.

And especially ever since this year's life changing moment, I have grown to take things slow, and in fact, climbing the corporate ladder no longer is my important goal.
Being happy, giving my care and concern to my important people in life, is what is important now.
Because, I really don't know when I will lose to this "enemy" of mine. I may be thinking too much, but I rather be safe than sorry - and live to no regrets.

This birthday, I want to take a little time to thank some people in my life (don't roll your eyes).
My family - Needless to say right? But yea, despite all your own lifes/ family, all of you still took care of me.
Dad, cooking for me and ensuring I have the best nourishment and telling me not to study anymore.

RSVP Girls - 15 years already? Sometimes we argue, sometimes we laugh, most of the times we talk ALOT of crap... haha.. but when it's serious talk, all of you can really get serious. We may be all very diverse character, but no matter what, we stick together.

4F peeps - I don't know what to say.. You guys rock. Just ... rock. haha. Serious jokes that I love them.

Bananas - From colleagues to friends to even closer friends, it's fate that we could just get together along so well. We worked hard, played hard, partied hard.

Godpa Godma - Though we meet not often, you cared about me as well. Encouraged me.
And definitely, guiding my brother and I could see him mellowed his temper alot. Thankful for that.

And, all my close friends from everywhere, to name a few I can think of right now, Celyn Sylvia Esther Helen Albert Eve ... oh. and of course, GGH.

Ya. totally forgot GGH. haha. opps. He too, has been with me through the downest period, encouraged me, controlled my diet (to steer off forbidden food), and always cheer me up.
That's him, a very simple person, so far, I think I didn't see him angry/ sad before. He's just.. always happy. Always so upbeat in work as well...
Seriously, I don't think I can attain this kind of attitude. Haha.
I think I gained only... maybe his "see wide wide" attitude.. abit only.

Well, I have said what I wanna say... there's one more group of people I still treasure them, but I shall keep them in my heart. As long as they are happy...


Okay, my birthday!!!! I didn't take leave cause it was month end closing, as also too many things to do also with the long weekend.

Came in the office and I saw this on my desk! So pretty!!!! Aren't they pretty?! I love them cause they are so bright, and I love sunflowers. :) And the best part is, he decorated them himself! Yes, the paintings!
Love handmade stuff! It brightens up the whole place.

After work, he brought me to try the japanese food at Mandarin Gallery, Tonkatsu Ma Maison. We reached rather earlier, around 6.30pm, it looked empty, but wrong! All reserved! Had to wait for a while before getting a table. Next time must reserve better.  

The sauce is help yourself to it. Good eh.

We order a curry katsu, and a prawn and pork fillet combo. The menu works like this - Just order the meat you want because all they serve is main course, no sides. So the radish, cabbage, and miso soup is free flow. So... just decide what meat u want la.
The curry is good! But i think the meat is too huge a portion. Oh, rice is free flow too. haha

 After that, walked along Orchard and went Spinelli for dessert and chill.

And to add to my birthday surprise, he gave me a watch! I remembered we were discussing watches like back in january... and I'm surprised he remembered that I like rose gold watches and chrono watches.
This was perfect! With little bling bling and got date too! :):):)
Thank you so much. The fact that you do remember such stuff, I'm happy enough. Still have upcoming meetups with my dearies! Looking forward to them! And happy holidays!!!

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