Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Picnic Day!

One of my to-do list strike off! Finally going for a picnic plus kite fly last Sunday! Prepare simple food for dinner and went to Marina Barrage. The sun was setting when we reached so it was just nice. Got sunlight to take photos... hehe...

The place where we settled down had a couple taking wedding photos. Set it as a background for a photo. Haha...

And he brought a very pretty windmill? I dunno what isit called. But I love the bright colours and the sunflower! :)

The only food he brought.. haha... Nutella pandan bread. It was nice anyway. cause first time handmake food from him. haha...

Thereafter can't take photos because the sun set, and time to fly kite! :) It was a very simple affair with just eating and chatting, enjoying the breeze. Very relaxing. Makes me think of the time when I was in Sydney Opera House eating ice cream. Looking forward to more picnics!!! Inexpensive and enjoyable time!
Thank you :)

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