Thursday, August 08, 2013

Cooking Mama - Practical Test 1 Cupcake

Seriously, what's wrong with twitter??? Why can't I post photos??? Isit too big?
Anyway, shall not complain. Heng, now I got free time can blog. hehe.
Today I decided to go grocery shopping and do a practical test myself! RED VELVET CUPCAKE.
Super fail... I followed the instructions... and the finishing came out quite okay... like it's supposed to be flowy when u scoop it up.  it did!

But when I send it to baking, the instruction stated it should be approximately 20-25 min. But mine... I left it will 30min, the cupcake still wasn't ready! Supposedly, if you stick a toothpick inside the cupcake, it should come out clean. But mine wasn't. But when I see the outer skin, it seems dry and cracked already.

So I decided to stop after baking for 35 minute. I tried, but the inside was still sticky. I tasted it, it felt like you are eating kuey kuey. but the taste is fine, like i eat the outer skin, the taste was really red velvet. haha..
So what's wrong with my cupcake? anything too much or too little?
The temperature was the same as the instruction too... hmm...

I wonder. Any ideas? Dig your Secondary books? haha..

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