Friday, September 20, 2013


This year is probably the worst mid-autumn festival I ever had.
Went down to the law firm to go through the final HDB documents.
Shit #1 - I had to repay the housing grant in cash. The original communication was I didn't had to. WTF.
Shit #2 - Bank loan on hold. Cause I may be in the new scheme ruling. Seriously.. Firstly, the loan expired, I asked for a renewal, you said no need. just get it approved asap. And getting to you is always so difficult. What banker are you??! Secondly, screw that bedok branch officer. You took more than 1 year to close this case. Always have to send nasty emails before you can reply. Government eh. And now, i'm caught in deep shit because of you.
But what can i do? I cannot complain, and I'm at the losing end.
Shit #3 - All this shit is causing me more than what I calculated. Where can I cough this 6 digit amount of money....
All I can do is rant and cry here. cause there's no other way around it. Who can I complain.
Life seriously sucks.

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