Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Chop House

Last week managed to try out a new restaurant at vivocity, The Chop House. It's actually by the wooloomooloo group. Yes, I spelt correctly. hehe
The whole week had full day meetings, causing me to do OTs because of the warehouse move. Everytime I think of this, I always shake head. That aside. So, we had a early dinner so that we can beat the queue. And thankfully, no queue! It's near the riverfront, so we got outside seats so that we can enjoy the daylight while we ate. :)
Knowing I can't finish the main course myself, we ordered the apparently popular main course to share - The Berkshire Pork Chop. Cost about $32. And... seriously, I like it myself. The juice and the gravy on top was very fragrant and meat was tender! I'm not a very meat person, but I would go back for more! The main course came with a tray of sauces which was pretty good as well.
They have chilli mustard, onions, and something that taste like cranberry sauce. My favourite is the oinions. Sweet and nice! The mustard is not bad too. I didn't like the red one that tasted like cranberry. It's like the Poulet sauce, except this is chunky bits.
For starter, we ordered Crispy Calamari, and the mashed potatoes. The calamari is good! Fresh and fried just nice. The mash potatoes, if you like it plain, then it's good cause it's actually milky mash potatoes. Not my favourite cause firstly, I like mash potatoes with gravy, and this one, I tasted the milk abit. haha... But i realised GGH likes to order mash potatoes like that. hmm...

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