Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September celebrations

Last Saturday was an ang pao giving day. Afternoon had 1st year baby birthday, and evening had an 84th year birthday. The 1st baby birthday (friend's of GGH)... he brought me along so that I won't think so much when i'm alone. Anyway, the baby has the same name as my nephew LUCAS! It was held at With a Pinch of Salt .
Never been there but I've heard from my sis-in-law that it's quite a nice cozy place and I can understand why she said that. The deco are very pretty, and gives u a feeling of home. Very colourful too!
The deco that they put up for the birthday was pretty too! They had light snacks (cause it started at 3pm), and the food was okay only. Maybe can try and pop by again for their proper food.

After that, we walked over to Sinpopo (just opposite 112 Katong / opposite Tian Tian Chicken Rice) for a "lim-kopi" session. But I was the only one who really "lim-kopi". the other two guys ate desserts which my tummy cannot fit anymore. Also, was saving space for dinner buffet. hehe.

There are more desserts than main foods and their desserts are very Singaporean old style, like I was told that the ice kachang used to be in balls where your parents hold the ball and eat. I skipped that altogether, and not very interested in trying cause both of the guys have durian ice kacang & durian chendol, both are too sweet to my liking. Lots of the gula melaka.
We parted ways and I went to ah ma's birthday buffet at Parkroyal on Beach Road. I thought I was lucky cause Katong had a straight bus to Concourse and cross the bridge reach Parkroyal already... but.... the bus stops on nicoll highway was closed for F1!!!! In the end, the bus could only stop at suntec city and I had to walk back! SO FAR!!!!
Called my elder bro up to pick me... The road was pretty bad with all the diversions. Never go town whenever there's F1.
Parkroyal renovated and had a new ballroom which looks good on the outside. But not sure inside good not la. Anyway, the dinner buffet had lots of variety of crabs - black pepper crab, chilli crab, butter crab, salted egg yolk crab, danggui crab, and I can't remember anymore. I only tried chilli crab. hurhur. so-so only.
as usual, I had my salmon cause it's been a long time since I ate salmon! Niceee!!! Didn't really tried much cause maybe I wasn't hungry so I kinda skipped the desserts totally, and the array of food, I had the chicken rice which is quite good in fact!
Ah ma's 84th birthday. May you always be healthy and strong!

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