Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Surprise surprise ...

One of my successful surprise! Glad this turned out well.
had a birthday party for my dear karin whose birthday falls on 16th Sept. So, I gathered a few of her good friends whom I've met and went out a couple of times, and decided to throw her a Staycation!
The Staycation was at Naumi Liora Keong Siak Road. We chose this cause it's one of the boutique hotels which all of us have not been to. Apparently, many of the girls went to many other boutique hotels and I haven been to yet!!
Naumi Liora is actually a sister of a more atas luxury hotel - Naumi Hotel which is located near City Hall i think. But it's closed for renovations till end of 2013.
So, I went to Spotlight after my gym to buy balloons and pump the helium. Spotlight provides such services, of course at a cost. I pumped 6 balloons and I took a cab because it was kinda embarrassing to carry it in the train myself. haha... maybe cause it's pink. And i'm not a very pink person. hurhur...
I went to check in around 3pm and was told the room wasn't ready. So I left my barangs, and went back to PS to get Rive cake. Rive cakes are always good :) One of my favourite place to buy birthday cakes.
After that, I headed back and was able to check in. Was a bit disappointed because the pictures on web looks big but it's not. But the porch is big. We booked the room with a porch. When they rest came, we started to plan out what to eat etc, went to buy famous Tong Yat Zi char. Honestly, I would definitely go back and eat again. Really nice!
So anyway, when we knew she was coming (we texted her bf), we hid outside the porch. I was very nervous standing by the door side just waiting for her to open the porch door. I could hear my heart pumping. haha.. think I very long didn't do such thing liao. #signsofaging
She sense something amiss... so she didn't went out to the porch.. then we decided to crash in! And she got shocked. haha... I thnk the good thing was she didn't expect which group of her girlfriends. Cause usually we go out in 4's. So I was glad I asked her other 4 good friends too!
So we have dinner together and took lots of photos before playing games and drinking. Played till 3/4am before going back home. Damn tired. I think I really cannot "ton" overnight liao... haha... ok, till then. Photo spam!

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