Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Escape Experts (not!)

 I'm back!!! Super back log in all my posts and everywhere! The only thing that I have been updating is an app called Dayre!! And it's good because you can post many stuff and it collates in one day entry. Not only that, it doesn't lag!!! :)
Loving it.

So... November was a super busy month with many birthday celebrations and also with company tax comp due... which was a major killer. I broke record by staying till 7am the next morning. Body clock couldn't take it, I ended up sleeping my way through Saturday and stoning for the rest of the day. Didn't study for my exams at all...x.x

Celebrated the November babies together! And this time, it's something different.. we went to the escape artist!
Its a game where there's a story line, you are locked in a room and within 60min, you need to find clues, get the key to get out.
We chose Level 13.5 and the room was total darkness! Pretty cool! But I think we were suckers. We basically called the helpline for every clue to unlock the next door.. lol.... But still, we managed to escape! hurhurhur..... okay lar.... we knew the last clue answer right?! hehe

After having so much fun, we went for dinner at Plaza Singapura Hifumi! It was a semi buffet... and turns out... the girls... rather ... Yuez was eating the buffet than her main course!!! She ate 6 portions of the Soba noodles!!!!!!! ALONE!!! hahaha.... and didn't finish her rice.lol... 
But honestly, I like their food, and will go back again! For the fishballs!!!! MY FAVOURITE!!!! :):):)

We went for Starbucks la-kopi and gave them presents!!! Bought jacket for linx and laneige for Via. Hope you guys like it!!! :)

We talked for so long and ended up rushing for last bus.... I ended up walking back to home from the drop off point after Chai Chee. cause no more bus.. haha...
We also planned for christmas exchange!!! Now... what shall I want... ???

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