Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Escape Artist + Pasarbella

Shagged from all the activities happening this week. Offsite training for 2 days at Conrad and then interim audit happening at the same time but yet I cannot be there. So have to work after training. Hate this. Not only that. Last minute need to handle warehouse. This week I'm only in the office for 1 day!!!! Can i say, I miss my cubicle!!!! November is not a good month for me.
Anyways, it's been some time since I grumbled about work. gotta let off some steam.
Alright! On a cheerful side, Sunday was a birthday treat for the boy again by Bananas!
Went to Escape Artist to play some mind mystery game!

There are a few theme / story plot and depending on the fear factor and difficulty, and also the number of poeple you have, you can choose one to play.

We were locked in a room and the objective is to find clue and solve them so that you can find the key to your own door to win. The room for our play qas quite small but yet, damn tough to find the answers! So difficult! Alot of DEEP thinking.

We can press the bell for assistance a few times, but then again, at your own discretion cause that defeats the whole purpose of the game.
Anyway, we pressed like 3 times! We were so lousy cause we didn't even know how to solve the puzzle! We lost in the end, but nonetheless, very fun! Shall try and organise a bigger group and go and play other games.

I heard there is one at Bugis which is better, the room leads to another room, and the fear factor are more exciting. Think DARK ROOM!

After that, we went to Pasarbella!!! The whole thing was planned by them and so we didn't know. So when I found out we were going there, I was so hyper! Cause I have been wanting to go there but never got a chance to! It's rather far for east-siders; it's at Turf City Grandstand. But I found out along the way that there are free shuttle bus from a couple of places and it's convenient!

The whole place is big! and there's seriously alot of food!!! It gives me a feeling of being in Aussie. Farmer's market. But the food is quite ex though, so cannot go very frequently. haha... the jap food are very fresh, but ex....

Even the toilet is pretty!!!
We took some time touring the whole place before settling down for some tea and cakes.

Thereafter, we headed to Chinatown for Chang Cheng porridge because the boy is sick and no appetite to eat other stuff.

We ended the day quite early and let the boy rest. That marks the end of another celebration. :)

Gotta keep up with my updates. Too many backlog photos after hectic October...  

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