Thursday, October 02, 2014

First Bento Try

My first bento try was a success! So pleased with myself!
I joined the Bento workshop organised by Naturel and managed to make a decent looking bento!
So here's an overview of the ingredients.
We were told to make one sample for teaching purposes then another one to bring home ourselves.
It was really fun and turns out to be quite easy!
Easier than I thought! But of course, there are some things are tougher to create!

My sample - Snail Bento. Cute ma? :)

The bento workshop, organised by Naturel was taught by Christine Neo.

Proud to present my first bento!!!  Love my end result, was really surprised I could do this without much assistant!
Shall make more !! :):):)
Tips: When the rice is hot, keep it moist so that molding is easier and will stick.

GGH approves!

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