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His 31st: Bangkok Day 1 - Centara Watergate + Somboon + After You

Back from holidays!
Went to Bangkok for the boy's birthday treat.
This time round, even though I was there the longest time (5D4N), I didn't shop much cause most of the time was spent searching for good food instead of shopping. I think need to ask the girls to go for mainly shopping trip. :p
So, we took tiger air and reach there at a just nice timing 3pm. And for the first time, I took the airport city link train to town instead of taxi!
It is sooo convenient!!!! And it took around 45 min !!! FAST!
I booked Centara Watergate Pavillion which is just opposite Indra Regent. Very convenient.
You can see the hotel sign when you drop at the train station bridge.
It is opposite Amari Watergate and Indra Regent.
From the airport, go to Basement 1, take the City Link Train (Blue Line) to Ratchapranop.
Fast and cheap! THB 45 per person only!
The concept is similar to hose up and coming boutique hotels, where the check in reception is located on 9th floor.
And it's all bright and chic at the reception desk!
Like the GLOW hotel I stay before with the girls.
We quickly checked in at 18th floor, highest is 19th. Just great. :)

The was so-called their sunbed, Moon Sabai. Can tan and nua. Originally I thought still can swim but too shallow cannot swim :(
This was taken the following day after our tiring day so please pardon the stone look.
The Room! White and clean concept. I like! Very spacious too!


One thing that you have to note - Their concept of the toilet is very weird. The curtains as you can see below the picture, is actually outside of the toilet. Which means, the person outside can open it. lol..
Guess this is for the more cheeky people.
Too much info: No, we do not belong to those group. :)
(I'm dating an UNCLE! duh) hehe


So if you open the curtain, you basically can see the toilet and the entrance door from your bed. Very transparent.
So, having stayed 2 nights (we switched hotels midway, so experiment more hotels)
Here's my review:
Overall, The room is spacious and clean. Bed is very comfortable too!
Service wise, all are very friendly.
Mine didn't have breakfast included so no comments. Breakfast are readily available along the streets.
Situated conveniently near the Airport Line, this is a better hotel option. I didn't like Baiyoke even though I didn't stay there before, but I chose this because it is a newer hotel, and I stayed before at Centara group which is reputable.
GGH prefers this hotel than the next one though. Because of the clean concept I think.
One bad point to note is: The soundproofing is extremely bad.
There was a group of Singaporeans beside our room and we could hear them talking and closing the doors. BAD!
So, your take. :)
After a short rest, we went to Canali Collections (beside Baiyoke hotel) to tailor make his shirts and jacket.
Never tried this but was recommended by his friends.
The service is very friendly, prices are relatively cheaper as well. A shirt cost approximately THB 700 (3 shirts) depending on the quality and of course the package.
Pants for THB 900
Suit is THB 3,500 
Definitely relatively cheap.
However, having been to Amari Watergate Paul's Fashion, I prefer Paul as they have more selection of materials and patterns. But of course, their prices are slightly more expensive, about THB 800 - 1,200 for a shirt.
I think for plain basic colours you can go to Canali, but if you have enough colours in your wardrobe, try the one at Amari. Lots of fabric options! And I think, Paul has better taste in workmanship. i.e more trendy cuts.
After Canali, we also went to Amari to make additional 2 shirts because Canali didn't have the dark blue colour that GGH wants. So, there.
By the time we were done, it was time for dinner!
We went to try Somboon Seafood!
We chose the one nearest to us, which is at the newly open Siam Square One.
A more atas outlet than the rest. They are very famous for their Fried Curry Crab.


Our dinner orders:
Fried Curry Crab (Medium) THB 450
Morning Glory (kang kong)
Prawn with glass noodle in hot pot
Total came up to THB 1105
The crab is really cheaper than in Singapore so it's worth it.
The taste is a unique one. It is not spicy but rather sweet curry.
The sauce has butter and lots of egg that makes it very tasty and fragrant to just eat with rice.
However, VERY OILY. because of the butter.
I didn't really like it at first taste, but after a while, it was quite addictive. haha.
Try it since I doubt you can taste this in Singapore. It's either you like it or don't kinda feeling.

Can skip the glass noodle. Had better ones elsewhere. T&K serves a great bowl!

Having not much of a night for our first day, we just roamed along the Siam night market and digest!
And, we (or rather me) decided to go for desserts!!!!
The much raved about After You café.
We went to the outlet at Central World 7th Floor.

Their wide selection of desserts!

We order a Baby Shibuya Toast with bananas. Baby because we ate so full and was afraid we couldn't finish.
Haha.. but we were wrong! We finished all up and couldn't get enough!
Now I believe what's the big deal about this Shibuya Toast.
It's really heavenly!!!!!!!
As I'm typing away, I feel like having this again!
The thick block of toast, has butter melted inside.
It's crispy on the outside and fragrant and soft on the inside. It isn't oily (I don't usually eat butter block like those in singapore) and this was just nice!
Even the ice cream taste great!
Though they serve the honey, we didn't put any because it was already sweet as it is because of the butter and ice cream.
Simply awesome. MUST TRY AND MUST GO EAT!!!!

I'm in love with this!!!!!
After that, we ended our day early as we have a tourist thing to do the next early morning..........
*cannot believe I did this in BKK* lol... after so many times in BKK.
Stay tuned.

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