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His 31st: Bangkok Day 3 - Pee Aor Tom Yum Goong, Healthland Spa, Sukhumvit Soi 38, Petite Audrey

So, Day 3 was a shopping and food hunting day. Ok, more of food hunting. That explains why my luggage wasn't full of shopping loots when I came back.
In the morning, we headed to Pratunam morning market and then to Sabx2 Wanton mee for breakfast.
Went back hotel to pack cause we are changing hotel! So had time to nua abit also since we woke up early for the morning market.
After checking out, it's time for our food hunt!
We went for the local famous tom yum noodles... not very easily located.
It's Pee Aor Tom Yum Goong Noodles
68/51 Soi Phetchaburi 5,
Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok
We were worried we couldn't find the place hence we cab over. Actually then we realised it's quite okay to walk over. Nearest BTS is Ratchathewi.
Please use google map to follow, it's quite accurate after checking.
If you are coming from the BTS, or the main road if the cab drops you, walk in to the middle, you have to turn right to a small alley and walk somemore. The tricky thing is, there's quite a few alleys.
It should be near a fruit stall (with big umbrella) that alley.
Anyway, if you have past the convenience stall on the left, or a cold meat stall on the right, you have to retreat. The alley is just before it.
Having said this, I hope my memory didn't fail. haha..
Nonetheless, ask the people the name, they will know. We did that. hahaha.
Below is the stall. There wasn't ANY signboard that read in English Pee Aor Tom Yum.
But, the food menu looked familiar when I was researching. hahaha..
There's a big umbrella in front too.

In brief, below shows the page of all the tom yum noodle they have. The difference is the ingredients.
If you want in claypot, it's the cheapest on the top left.
I order fish so no claypot.

No regrets on coming all the way here for Tom Yum Noodles.
Totally satisfied! I would definitely recommend anyone who goes Bangkok to at least give this a try. Damn worth it. Seafood was heavenly too!!!! The soup is creamier and not spicy, but still delicious. Not sour taste at all.

He order lobster tom yum. It was shiok. The meat was a lot and juicy to eat.
And we didn't have enough, hence we order somemore of others. hahaha
Actually, we saw others eating a huge pot of seafood for sharing but we were worried we couldn't finish... I guess... maybe we could.. hahaha.. anyway, next time you are there please get the seafood platter!

This omelette fried egg with shrimp was delicious!!!!
It's the shrimp sauce that was the specialty. Extreme nice. We polished it off.
We couldn't pin point what was cooked with it, but it tasted very fragrant.

Getting not enough of seafood, we order the salt grilled prawn. :) Loving EVERY DISH!!!!
Our total of 4 dishes plus a drink came up to THB 710 which is about $28?!?!?! For seafood so fresh?!?!?! My MUST EAT in Bangkok for future visits!!!!

After a satisfied lunch, we quickly headed to Platinum for a quick shopping before heading to our spa. Lots of activities going on today. haha. We only had like 2 hrs to spare here.
Our tea break before heading off, CREPE! :)
No need to recommend this crepe located at the Basement of the shopping centre.

Because we didn't wanna miss our massage again, we headed punctually for our massage.
But, his slippers gave way!!!!! So poor boy had to walk barefooted over... :(
So poor thing. But the thing about him is, he wasn't very bothered about it.
He just wanted to make it in time for the massage. Getting new slippers can wait.
Well, that's him.
Hence, I offered to let him wear my sandals, although small, but at least could prevent him from cuts on the roads. He was actually okay with wearing it and not feel embarrassed. I'm impressed. haha.
Luckily, we made it in time for our spa.
Many recommendations on this Healthland Spa.
We went to the one at Asoke outlet. Big building on its own.
And the price is reasonable with the good standard of massage.
Please book beforehand because it's always fully booked. We couldn't get the night slots anymore hence we took whatever was available when we called.
Pay when you reach, sit down till the person announce your name.
We did 90min full body massage, it came with single room, really a spa room like those in Singapore.
Has a shower facility to bathe before they start.
The massage was great too!

After our relaxing massage, we headed for Sukhumvit Soi 38 for dinner.
Sukhumvit Soi 38 is really quite small alley with not many stalls. Short stretch, but each stall has its own good flow of customers.
Why we wanted to come here was because of mango sticky rice.
This place apparently serves good mango sticky rice at cheap price too!
This is the one on the left hand side of the street. THB 60 only!!!

One whole mango with seed somemore!

We cross to the right side small alley to eat local food again.
This time, it's basil pork, thai salad and tom yum soup.

We ended the night for another round of food hunt. hahaha...
because we were already at Sukhumvit, we might as well aim to tick off another "To-eat" place.
Audrey Café and Bistro
136/3 Thonglor Soi 11 Bangkok
We walked from Sukhumvit Soi 38 to get here.
Exiting the soi 38, facing outwards to the main street where the BTS is, turn right and walk away from the BTS. You will reach a cross junction on the left side. Cross the junction and cross again. ie. diagonally opposite.
Walk down and you will start seeing lots of happening shops. This is the area of Japanese expats I feel cause there's a lot of Jap food there, and we saw a few Japanese expats along the street.
It's a slightly long walk, about 10-15 minute. Turn left on Soi 11, walk all the way in.
Audrey is on the left.

Beautifully decorated, I think everywhere is popping out cafes, not only in Singapore.
It gives me the vibes of PS café feel.

We ordered the famous Thai Crepe Cake.
It does have that thai milk tea taste and the crepe is layered distinctively.
You can eat layer by layer.
However, I felt that this isn't as worth my calories as compared to After You Shibuya toast.
So, I doubt I'll eat it again if i'm back in Bangkok.
They have a few other outlets in town like the one at Siam, but it is called Petite Audrey.
Can try it over there if you prefer the convenience.


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