Thursday, November 06, 2014

His 31st: Bangkok Day 4 - LiT Bangkok + Chatuchak + Pla Thong Mookata

Day 4th was of course chatuchak since it's the weekend... and more eating haha...
I mentioned we switched hotels halfway, that's because I wanted to try out other hotels since I have more days here.
So, I chose LIT BANGKOK.
It is located near National Stadium BTS, 5min short walk only. What captured me into booking this was the super big bathtub. haha..
Yup, I prefer hotel rooms with big bathtab because I can just relax in hot water, maybe i'm missing hot springs too much. hahaa...
And of course, this hotel is sooo romantic with 3 different types of dim lights. *girly mood on* It has different types of rooms and I chose Extra Radiance.  
This room is very big, and even has a side bed beside the windows.
Personally, I love this hotel more than Centara, but GGH doesn't like this cause it's too big for comfort. hahaha.. don't understand him.
1 room itself have 3 sanitary facility. haha. A bit too much.

Of course, they have very good facilities like gym, sauna, and swimming pool. Another must have in a hotel for me. Yes, I did bring my running shoes to gym.:D
Because this hotel is small, only has 79 rooms, chances are you can have the pools or gym by yourself, which is in the case for us! Awesome!

So cute! I bet someone will like this. haha...
And why this bear? because their naming convention is "pooh" -> pool and..
"jim" --> gym.
Their breakfast area, small and cozy..

You can order alacarte from the menu, where the chef cooks it for you fresh.
Love the bananas.. so nice!!!!

The eggs was quite good too!

View from outside.
I would recommend this hotel!!! :)
Okay, back to today's journey, Chatuchak. Nothing to snap pictures because it's all shopping!
Except for this... hehe...

Once shopping was done, we had to return back to town to collect his clothes.  
We went for a swim and suntanning before heading for dinner.
And finally, after many times in BKK, I finally got to try Mookata in Thailand!
I tried searching for mookata in Bangkok but it seems like there's only one recommendation which is Pla Thong.
This is located conveniently near BTS Victory Monument.
Exit left, there's a shopping centre, walk straight, cross a small road, there's a famous western food in green signboard. It's just beside it. 
There is not signboard that says Pla Thong, but the waitress shirt has Pla Thong at the back.  

They have a station of cooked food, but it's worth the skip.


And super wide variety of food and meat! Note that there is no plague that tells u what sort of meat or marination, so have to try abit and guess.
It has really too much of variety of the marination to even try all.
Also, do remember to use the lard for the mookata. That's the Thai way of eating.

Happy boy eating away. We love the meat and fish was good too!
The buffet was very cheap but I forgot how much.
The total bill with 2 bottles of water came up to THB 373, which is like $15 for 2 person!!!!
How cheap can that be?!?!?!
Super worth it. Now, I think won't pay so much for mookata in Singapore. haha. At least for now...

After that we slowly made our way back to central to get movie tickets!
We decided to try the 4D movie!
And, before that, another round of Shibuya! hehe. Have to have one last round before heading back to Singapore. I'm missing it already.

We took the same toast but with mangos. Equally nice. :)

4D movie is an experience that we never have anywhere else.
The closest is the 4D Shrek in Sentosa.
But this 4D movie is in proper screenings and in English too so no worries about languages.
The seats were spacious, and really, your seat keeps moving with the motion effect of the movie.
We paid premium seats within the theatre, which is the centre seats facing directly the screen.
It cost about THB1,000 for 2, approximately $40, which I felt reasonable.
Their "gold class" is also slightly higher than this only, but you have like free flow of drinks and pop corn. Super worth it. I think I will try it next time.
Do try their movie theatres as they have really difference ranges of "theme", the most expensive if Bangkok Airways I think. IMAX was very popular when we were there. SOOO may people queuing..
ok, that's about my last full day in bkk. Overall, I was satisfied with my food hunts for this trip.
haha.. but not to shopping! Retail therapy still much needed!
Who's up for it?!

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