Saturday, November 22, 2014

Capella Singapore Staycation

Last weekend, I had a privilege to join Abbott IFO teambuilding event hosted at Capella Singapore.
GGH was the invited guest by the host (he is not part of Finance hence needs invitation), and every employee had a night stay at the luxury Capella. And thankfully, GGH invited me. hehhee.
Capella is unique in it's own ways - their buildings are curved and modern but with interaction of the colonial buildings too. Their theme (I presumed), should be modern but yet with lush greeneries for a relaxing stay.
Some of their rooms faces the South China Sea (Ocean view), is priced slightly higher than their premier rooms.
My favourite love with this hotel is the huge bathtub! Moreover, their bathtub has a great view of outside! Note: Each rooms have different layouts. But all are huge and luxurious!

Below was our room's bathtub.
A standalone make up section for Him + Her.

With a huge bed, it also has a long comfortable sofa that you can enjoy your readings facing the Sea.
Having our ocean view room, I watched sunset with the boy on the sofa and it was a wonderful moment. :)

They have 3 pools in all, so you need not worry about having too many in the pool. All of them are big enough.

What's so fantastic about this hotel is their services that comes with your stay:
1) A personal assistant to help you with everything and anything during your stay.
p/s: we requested ice for drinking, they gave a huge bucket for it! without asking!
2) FREE wifi all throughout the hotel!!!
3) In-Room refreshments like fruits basket and EVERYTHING in the mini-bar is FREE!!!!
4) Capella Library with free flow of drinks and pastries

Both days, we went to the Library because it was very relaxing, quiet and we could just spend our afternoon away sipping tea and chit chatting or even reading the variety of books. Excellent place to past time away.

My 1 night stay was totally relaxing and wonderful. We even went for a morning run at the beach.
The breakfast thereafter was fabulous too!
Wholesome and complete. :)
Sunset moments with you are precious. :)

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