Saturday, November 08, 2014

His Actual 31st - Fart Tartz & Clan Restaurant

Finally after so long, I managed to complete Bangkok posts and getting into his actual birthday. haha.. So many photos to pen down but just too difficult to find time. This month is busy!
So, we both didn't take leave and only went for a dinner.
And his surprise came early during his tea break.
And I was glad that I chose this cause it really does look pretty!
Him opening up his surprise. Thanks for ALL the photographers who kept snapping and spamming my whatsapp..
Sunflower Mud Tart by Fart Tartz Café!
All thanks to Barry, owner of Fart Tarz who delivered specially to him.
Super great service and nice café too! Their tarts are really good!
It's actually located at Expo Hall 1, 2nd floor. Opposite Coffee Bean. 
With just the pot of tart, it does look like a flower pot. haha.. I was initially kinda worried that he thinks it is a flower pot and then leave it aside and not eat. So I made a card to go along with it. hehe..
My self made card - Nice???? Got effort okay... :)
There was another proper birthday card but haven take video of it. Shall share when I have it!

Glad that I could see his smiling face. :)
The tart is actually made of oreo, and ex-colleagues commented that it taste nice too!
I tried the mini versions and I like it too!

Met him for dinner at The Clan Restaurant.
It is located 18 Bukit Pasoh Road.
Although named like a Chinese (clan ma)... but it doesn't serve Chinese food.
It's a 6 course dinner with Chef Starter first.
The centre scallop was really good. I like the foam on top. haha.

Cold dish - Alaskan crab. Taste good too.

Mine was Foie Gras ... I didn't like it. I ate like 2 mouthful and skipped it totally.
His Pork belly as side dish. He said the pork belly was really soft and taste good too...
My main couse - Pork ribs. Very soft and easily de-boned, love my choice!
But by the time we came to our main course, we were already full. haha...  

And dessert time! Of course, with a candle for blowing out his start of 31st.

Personally, I preferred Dozo Restaurant which we went during his last year's birthday dinner to this.
I felt the food overall was better than Clan.
As for Clan, there was a few hits and misses, and I wouldn't go back again.
But for Dozo, I actually would go back if there was a special celebration. :)
Glad to spend your 31st with you, simple boy.
May your 31st be positive and shining. :):):)

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