Friday, August 07, 2015

Celebration in style at Ippin

Happy Birthday to myself!
This month is full of eating activities because of all my dear friends who wanna treat me!
Tell me how to diet?!
Weirdly, this year I have this feeling of not celebrating... I would prefer just simple dinner and drinks and that's all. No activities or whatsoever. Probably signs of aging. haha...
Nonetheless, I'll try and stay young and enjoy my last twenties! *GASPS*
My first birthday treat was by the Bananas!
I was treated to Ippin CafĂ© Bar located at Mohamed Sultan Road. It is a Japanese home-syle dishes with a mix of western.  The place feels very authentic Japanese feel - simple minimalist concept with a shelf selling some Japanese wine, food, and condiments. It's not a very big place so it wont be noisy even if it's full house.
I had the Oyakodon set which is a huge portion for me!
It is a recommended dish here, and it was really delicious. I like the egg that is not so ripe and still gluey, and enough for the rice as sauce!
The chicken is also tender and chunky.
The boys had the beef set - which is of western fusion. The fries is so-so only, and the beef is slightly tougher. It doesn't have any sauce because you can choose your own sauce from the table and create your liking.

This is also one of their signature, the fried oyster. It is really nice!!!
Glad to have met this couple in my life. :)

The free dessert that they provide, this is soya pudding... which is not my liking because it's too milky for me. But the rest like it though.

My handmade present! I love such stuffs! hehe.. cause that's just me. I like personalised items. :)
We have gone so far.... 
Such a pretty shoebag!!! 

Next, I was treated to a damn shiok and relaxing place!
Celestial Sanctuary is located at Orchard, but it is quite affordable!

We had 2 connecting rooms for our leg massage.

It also provides a TV with movies/ KTV/ games etc. Honestly, the massage is quite good and the ambience is quite shiok too. 
GGH end up getting a package from them! This means... I get to go massage often! Yay!!!



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