Monday, August 24, 2015

My 29th with my girls

Ah. Finally having some time to myself. August is a super busy month and with elections coming, even more busy.
Just had the worst day of the year -surgical wisdom tooth extraction and now on my bed resting and semi-awake.
My birthday with my all time long girls was a simple affair at Changi City Point.
Because it was a long weekend, and knowing everywhere else in town will be crowded, we decided to go Changi City Point the almost extreme end of Singapore. Weirdly, it was actually quite crowded as well... guess some of them has the same sentiment.
We settled for Shabu-sai, Japanese buffet.
The service isn't great, I think they are short handed. We had to top up the soup by ourselves. And the meat came slow. Order more at one shot so that no need to keep calling the waiter.
We did a super auntie activity thereafter (Aging I told'ya). We went to NTUC to do grocery shopping! Not because we have chalet ... just stocking up cause I had "free SG50 money" to spend.
Went to Starbucks for girls talk until like 11plus when it's closing already.  
And a group photo with so many retakes because of that candle. haha...
Thank you my dear girls for the celebration and the gift!



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