Friday, August 14, 2015

My 29th

My actual day celebration was with the boy! It was just a simple dinner after work. Didn't bother to take leave or do anything special since it was a long weekend right after that.
He brought me to Pasta Brava located at 11 Craig Road. Near Tanjong Pagar.
Have absolutely no idea that this place is recommended for Italian pasta!
I wonder how he got this. So ulu... haha...
But when I stepped in at 7pm, the place is almost full! Wow!
He mentioned booking is a must. Ok, I get it.
The place is furnished with wooden decors and dim lights, it really does seem like an authentic Italian house and it gives me a homely feel. 
The waiters wear vest/ jackets even. I glanced around me, many are well dressed and no jeans in sight! Wines are ordered and people are slowly enjoying their food.  
We took quite some time to order because the types of pasta were too many!
And of course, we spent more time reading the menu as the name of the food are all in Italian... haha..
After ordering, we were able to scribble on the table! Chalks were provided on every table.
He started drawing.... :) and I added along the way... hehe...
We order appetizer - black pepper Portobello mushroom.
Don't let the picture deceive you. It does taste good. Juicy yet tender.
For my main course, I order their handmade pasta selection. I just chose one with tomato base and with salmon... and it came like that. hahaha...
The salmon is stuffed inside the pasta. Every one of the coin looking pasta is filled with lots of salmon, and very nice!
The boy also ordered something safe. Seafood spaghetti pasta.
The portion is huge.
I preferred mine as the tomato taste is thicker and the pasta is softer.
Desserts were ordered... and we continued drawing again....
Molten lava cake. In love with this... Not too sweet and the chocolate is very smooth.
He presented my gift after dinner... which I knew what was it because he gave me a theme this year.
To tell each other what he/she wants for present. and must be something that can be bought (physical touch) and kept minimum 3months.
So in the end, I told him to get a silver watch for me. I'll never complain having too many watches. hehe...  
We took a stroll after that and went home. Before he went home, he passed me a bag with a beautiful box inside. Had absolutely no idea what it was and when I opened it, I was in awe!
Never have I expected he would do something so challenging... haha..
I wanted to do this but guess he was a step ahead of me...

Thank you for the amazing gift. And of course, always being here for me whenever times are down.

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