Thursday, April 01, 2010

Beauty queen late for her own radio show

meeting bffs tmr!!! :):):):)

OMG!!! RIZ LOW ON 98.7FM RADIO SHOW?????????????????? DEEJAY??????????? OMG....

What's the meaning of i-d-i-o-s-y-n-c-r-a-s-y? I think the person who coined this word is crazy..." came the unprompted reply before she drifted further into a rambling speech. And that, everyone, was Ris Low's maiden voyage hitting the airwaves as a newly-minted 987FM radio DJ on The Shan, Rozz [& Ris] Show.
Fortunately, the bewilderment was nipped in the bud by a swift response from co-host, Shan Wee who stepped in with the denotative meaning [of idiosyncrasy] before turning to his new radio partner to ask if she has any strange habits to tell.
"Yes I do. I shave my armpits every morning, otherwise it will overgrow," Ris offered matter-of-factly over an interview with xinmsn during her radio show.
This, is a beauty queen fallen from grace, besieged by controversies and her bad 'ingrish-speaking' fashion yet she remains oblivious to the stream of stinging criticism; and instead of scrambling for a shovel and digging a hole to bury herself, it seems she is quietly determining her next move - like, ink a radio DJ contract on a primetime show. It certainly looks like all the bad publicity has done its part to muddy up her resume.
News of the ex-beauty queen's co-hosting gig on 987FM broke last week and the station's shocking decision has since drawn flak from several netizens and radio listeners, who feel it is a publicity stunt that, if not managed well, could go terribly wrong.
Posted on MediaCorp's message board, forum user 'jeat17141' wrote: "Gawd no no no no no no no. Poor Shan and Rozz; not going to tune in to them as often now. Thank you for ruining one of my favourite radio shows by turning it into a complete joke."
When asked to comment on the rationale behind its decision, 987FM Senior Creative Director, Georgina Chang said: "Ris has proven that whatever she does, she gets people talking so she really draws a lot of attention and curiosity and [having her], it is just to spice up the evening drive [show]."
Georgina also revealed that the team was appalled at her decision to sign on the controversial ex-beauty queen and despite a slew of negative feedback from the public, she thinks otherwise: "She's not hired for her radio talent but she has a certain reputation and she brings something else to the show. She's not hired for her diction and people are always curious about the things she says so I think it'll be highly entertaining."
When asked about how she would help "to spice up the evening show", Ris replied: "I'm funny, witty and I'm real. I think people want to hear real stuff."
Echoing Ris's stance is Shan, who was extremely sweet toward his rookie partner, and even provided Ris an on-the-spot diction coaching peppered with encouragement. He said: "Rozz and I have been doing a radio co-host show for about three years now [and] that's quite a long time so I'm quite happy to have a change and it's just fun."
"Personally, I think that personality is the most important thing when it comes to the different factors that make up a DJ so Ris's personality is her main asset."
In contrast to the easygoing nature of her regular partner, Rozz appeared a little awkward, at times, certain moments during the show when Ris candidly declared: "I'm settling down pretty well but Rozz seems to be unhappy with me".
Admittedly, Rozz shared her initial hesitation about her new co-host but assured us that she is "ok now". She said: "Ris is very new. Of course she brings a different dimension to radio and obviously we are banking on her popularity but chemistry-wise, I think we'll need a little more time [because] Shan and I actually took a year and a half to get to a comfortable stage where we are now. So yes, I'm a bit apprehensive, to be honest."
To which, the excited rookie partner quipped: "We'll make this work Rozz, don't worry."
If Ris was feeling stress or nervous, she hid it well for she was a picture of calmness despite hosting a 'live' radio show for the first time with zilch experience. When we asked Ris on her thoughts and emotions on her first day on the job, she replied coolly: "It's good for me and it's feels like home."
Well, don't write her off just yet. Take it with a bag of salt, if you must but we hope Ris knocks the socks off her listeners and you may discover yet more reasons or even more of her idiosyncrasies, to love - or hate - the controversial media darling.

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