Thursday, April 15, 2010

updates updates updates

What have I been doing last week? ..
Friday went to Queen & Mangosteen after my work for dinner and drinking with colleagues.
Food is quite good :) ..
Sat there and drink until 2am before heading home ...

Went to watch Date Night over the weekend!!! The movie is good!!!! Funny!!! Should go watch it :)
Hmm... Mr bf is going to start work next week le... AT WEST COAST!!! OMG!!! haha... hehe.. but it's near me :):)...
Well, MNC Company so okay lar.. still maybe can get to go overseas... hopefully that's true ! :)
Good exposure... Me want one too!!!!
Well, tomorrow got training presentation.. ARGH!!! Very long never do presentation liao... nervous.. hopefully project kick out well ... *cross fingers*

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