Friday, April 23, 2010

i'm sorry but i just need to blog about today's CRAPS!!!!

I usually look forward to Friday. cause it's friday mah!!!
But everything took a turnaround when my meeting ended at 11am...
My little project became TOP priority on my FD's desk. I'm like "wth.. it's a minor project.. u wanna pump money in? and create customised features??? ... " well, in short, my project is about tracking products.. manually. yes, manually cause save money mah.
so when i learnt i can build in my project with a current IT system, I just tot only ONE FEATURE will be automated. But, at the end of the meeting with our consultant, my IT colleague and I looked at each other "dumbfounded" ... haiz.. it's sianz cause so mny people will ge involved, and I DID NOT INCLUDE THEM! I will be slapped up,down,left,right if they found out i'm gonna pull them in.. cause they are "old-birds" and well, resistant to changes.
well, bo pian right?boss say he want, cannot say no mah... (but should have just told me right from the start mah! waste my time!)

Next, right after my meeting ended.. I was told to go find my FC (Financial Controller)...
Apparently, a mgr from another dept complained about a report that will be due in May (Planning), complained that we did not teach them how to upload figures into a system...
Heng my FC did not agree, but I had to do up a guide for them.
HELLO... FYI, there was a training held but YOU DID NOT ATTEND.
Training slides was sent out too!
I almost hit the roof! I immediately sent out an email sarcastically (hidden) of course, which that's wad my FC told me to do so.
Next came... this is even funnier. This is my GM. She's somewhat the biggest in dept, cause she controls Sales & Marketing people, who are very respected... i still dunno why.
anyway, i prepared a powerpoint slide for the regional meeting - 2 slides only, on monday. I OT-ed for that, mind you.
Then, came yesterday, she told me to edit because it's too complicated with too many numbers...
so, i simplfied it with two scenarios (ie. Actual vs Plan)...
then, came today, she told me she made thetwo slides herself and send to me to edit changes...
I'M LIKE WTH!!!!!!!
Can you make up your mind???????????
In the end, it's back to the original 3 scenarios that I sent her, but no numbers!!!!!!!!!
I seriously, can faint. Wat's the point of presenting sales slides, without sales numbers????????????
haiz. well, she sits in the biggest room, what can i say?

today is seriously a bad bad day... no mood to go out also.
Plus, our company is changing financial year end. instead of Nov, it becomes Dec year end.
die lor. no need enjoy christmas liao.


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