Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Coffee Daily

One of my "to-do" list striked off - Checking out The Coffee Daily.
75 Brighton Crescent  559216
Some of my friends was saying the coffee is good so decided I should check it out one day. But this one day somehow didn't come ... for a very long time... until we had to go to that Purple line for a housewarming.

So we went slightly earlier to go check this place out cause it's abit out of nowhere. Near Serangoon Gardens but not exactly there.

The place is quite small, like 10+ table... the size of my living room plus dining area maybe. But good thing is not many people, not crowded, good for quiet times.

Had their Hazelnut Latte. First time trying something different cause I always order Mocha everywhere I go. Nice! Smells good and doesn't taste too sweet. :)

Surprisingly, their croissant is nicer than Delifrance! Or maybe... delifrance at vivocity is not up to standard. haha. But glad that there's crispy crossiants out there!

And Rainbow cake!!! The colors are pastels and very pretty looking!
But I don't really like the frosting on top, too sweet...
And the cake is denser, not those fluffy type. Personally, I prefer Le Chocolat Cafe rainbow cake to this.

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