Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ChunkFest 2013

It was a super bad day. Heavy rain caused the whole place to be so muddy!!! *yikes*
ChunkFest 2013 - Annual Ben & Jerry festival was held at Promenade Marina last weekend.
Went there to joy the hype and fun since we had nothing planned.
Entrance is free but you got to buy tokens to play games or buy food. There was a few games stall, all relating to Ben & Jerry or potatoes. Totally no idea what's with the link between potato and B&J. Probably because of the new flavour Couch Potato? *shrugs*
We just toured around because we weren't interested in playing, especially when we were concentrating not to sink into the muddy patches ALL OVER THE EVENT.
Just nice there was the competition of completing the 20 scoops of ice cream, the winner gets to walk away with 1 year of free B&J ice cream. I witnessed the most amazing thing ever. Within 20 seconds, the winner emerged! Apparently, the DJ said it's probably the best record EVER.
We decided to just try one flavour out of the so many flavours because it's kinda ex. One scoop for $6!
Most of the flavours were specially brought in from US, which you cannot get in Singapore, so better try la hor.
Tried the Americone Dream - Vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered waffle cone pieces & caramel swirl
I think B&J never fails. At least to me. Love the bits in the ice cream.
Left the event and spent time strolling along the custom house, esplanade and slowly to Suntec. Suntec has already been newly renovated and so we decided to go there for dinner. But .... it was PACKED.
Decided to settle for something convenient and lesser queue because I'm damn hungry. NAM NAM which I've been wanting to try. They will inform you the table number and you will need to order and pay at the counter. This outlet at Suntec is open concept, there are counter seats for you to see them cook.
The baguette is equally nice (better than subway's), but it's very filling. The beef noodle, SUPER THUMBS UP!!!! Definitely will go there and eat again. The soup is delicious. SUPER SATISFYING AND VALUE FOR MONEY.

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