Sunday, October 20, 2013

Prelude to his 30th: Adventure Cove Waterpark

So, we did finally go to Adventure Cove Waterpark at Sentosa!
Why did I say finally? Cause originally he said to postpone it because he wasn't feeling well, was sick for the past few days.
Honestly, I was pretty bummed when he said to postpone. Was SO looking forward to playing at Adventure Cove. Mini-break for myself.
But thankfully, he woke up in the morning feeling okay, so decided to just go ahead as planned! *Beams*
Went to his house hawker for breakfast before heading to our usual workplace -.-" ... and walked over to Sentosa. Nice weather :)
The ticket is only valid for one day, and got it at a cheaper rate than the usual $36 for non-peak cause a friend is working there :)
And, I made him take a photo! Tee-hee... Well, he's up for it (that's him) so glad that he took this.

We then did some touristy shots before heading to change out our attire.

The main locker area situated on the left after the entrance is the biggest area. The lockers works like USS, for a full day rental. But damn ex. $10 for small locker, $20 for big locker. Confirm sunk cost that you cannot avoid.

The toilet is also spacious, with many cubicles, and I love the bathing cubicle!!! SPACIOUS! If only the swimming pool one are like these. And the cubicle is eco-concept, means one side is planted greenery.

We managed to take all the rides, with average waiting time for some are 45minutes. I think the crowd is just nice to be able to try all rides one time. So, if you go during a weekend, you will definitely not have enough time to play all of them. FYI, it opens at 10am - 6pm.

Besides the rides, there are many spacious bean bags seat all around the place, at different sections of Adventure Cove. Nice for relaxation! Too bad we only found out at the end of the day. Didn't manage to take the pictures.

My favourite activity in Adventure Cove is definitely got to be the Rainbow Reef! Although I've snorkelled before, but this enclosed small area has SO MUCH MORE beatiful creatures altogether! You get to see so many different fishes and corals! Also, it's suitable for people who don't dare to snorkel out in the sea, they can try here because they have lifeguards and trainers all around. Totally safe!

My next favourite is the SPLASHWORKS. In there, it's like obstacle courses to try. They have the beam balance, spider climb and a balancing rope that requires you to walk from one end to the other. Failing that, you will fall into a 4m pool. If you don't know how to swim, you will need life vest.

There is also a "cliff' jump where you get to jump into the water at a higher ground. Like those swimming jumping board.

The hardest got to be the rope climb. You will need to pull yourself up using the rope and get to the top to ring the bell. I failed that as expected. My arms are forever so weak.

Other than these, the rides RipTide Rocket, Pipeline plunge are shiok too! I would say the rest are so-so for me, but then again, water theme park, this should be the better ones around. Haven been to one really good. haha...

We also took the Adventure River Raft where you just sit on the float and take a river cruise... it's a big round, but it's shiok especially after lunch, you just wanna laze and do nothing, let the water take you through. Surprisingly, we saw many pretty sights like the stingrays and also caught a glimpse of dolphins in action!

All in all, I would say it was a really fun day playing, been a long time since I did something like this.
Thinking if I should sign up for the annual pass...

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  1. Hi! I'm going to adventure cove next week and just wanted to check a few things! :)

    1) Did you wear contact lens that day? I'm contemplating wearing them because I'm super blind without them... but did a lot of water/splashes get into your eyes, esp during the final splash down the slides?

    2) At rainbow reef do they provide prescription snorkel masks for those who are blind without glasses/contact lens?

    3) Were the shower areas crowded? Were there spaces/mirrors to comb hair/put on makeup etc, and are there stations to blow dry your hair?

    Sorry for the questions bombardment, and thanks so much!!