Monday, October 14, 2013

The new Marina Square

Went to the newly renocated Marina Square to check out food!
I don't frequent there previosuly because it's rather inconvenient and out of the way. But now with circle line and the new link from Raffles City, getting ther is so mcuh better.
So I went there on Friday night! Met up with my ex-boss, Irene for dinner and chit chat session.
There's really a whole lot more of restaurants but we settled for Bangkok Jam.
Sad to say the food was passable, not very fantastic. The olive fried rice is the best among the food we ordered like pad thai (failed-too dry, clumpy), chicken wings (normal), and green curry (normal).

So we went elsewhere for desserts. To satisfy my craving, we went to Lady M! First in Singapore, and rated the best for crepes, I just got to try it!
We tried the signature Crepe - Lady M Mille Crepes, made of paper-thin layered crepes with cream and topped with caramel coating. It was good, and soft, but I didn't really quite like it because it's too milky for me. It's probably good for anyone else out there who can take milk cause Irene and GGH said it was really good!
I think it's best eaten in store and not packed away because when we ate and talked, the crepe sort of slide down towards the end.
I prefer the Checkers Cake which is made up of checkered Vanilla and Chocolate sponge cake and topped with chocolate coating.

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