Monday, April 14, 2014

Happening Youngsters @ Treetop Executive

The weekend before my last week, the finance youngsters went on a weekend staycation!
It was a Treetops Executive located at Orange Grove Road (opposite Shangrila). Thanks to chue chue, we managed to get a premium 2 bedroom for this event.
The entrance, where you see swimming pool. Without further ado, we quickly checked into our room! It was spacious!!!  The master bedroom can sleep 3 person!

Spacious living room

Kitchen with fully equiped hardwares!!!


Another room with twin bedding.

We started BBQ-ing early since we had spare time and the focus was night games. So cam whore abit while the guys start fire.

Food provided by my dad's workspace, BBQ wholesale.

And the night fun begins! We started with Twister as warm up... and the 2 guys demo-ed.

We went in rounds, and this picture is like punishment! 3 of us not wanting to step over each other's territory. haha.. But quite tiring leh. cause my tahan all the sorts of position...

Brendan, who used his weight and pushed us all out. lol.

The next game was the marble game. There's this empty container floating on top of a basin of water. Each can take turns to drop the marble. When the container sinks, you lose. Not very fun lah. The most exciting is the next one. hehe..

The egg game!!! Adapted from Running Man!!!
In case you haven watched Running Man = in a basket of eggs, there are a couple of eggs that are raw. So if you get raw ones, you're out.
Our improvised game includes choosing your own egg, but someone else from another team will have to smash you. It was SOOO FUN. But gross... ahahaha

Can you see the yolk flying?!!!!

Very wen rou...

The ultimate. Both smashed at the same time cause 1 of it is raw.

It's really great bonding time playing such games. :)
The happenign youngsters!!!!
Esther and Sylvia left, so the rest of us started playing drinking games.. and Brendan was the first to be down. Opps. and kanna drawn... haha...

The next morning, we finished up the leftovers from BBQ, and cooked up some breakfast for ourselves!! Don't look fantastic, but the mushroom was fab!!! By chef brendan! :)

It was a very fun weekend, and I had a great bonding session with all of them.
Defintely miss all of them. Great team!

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