Thursday, April 24, 2014

Midweek cheer

Quick updates!

Well... ever since I started left Abbott, meeting the boy is slightly difficult now since we don't see each other daily anymore. Last time, we dont plan in advance for dates (unless special events) and randomly go for dinners after work.
But now, we have to plan in advance and not only that, deciding go where!
Since im at the extreme east, going to town takes more time!!!

With my weekend burnt for classes last week, we met up yesterday! This week, we went to p.s cafe at orchard!

The truffle portobello mushroom soup! Very nice!!!! Thick grinded mushroom = delicious!

The famous truffle fries! Its damn HUGE!!! He picture may be deceiving but imagine the plate is about 3 packs of large macdonalds fries!!!!
Dont order unless you have more people for sharing, or if u are confident that you can finish... haha
But its nice!! I like!!!

Bangers and mash main course. So so only. The mash potato has peas and cauliflower. I think can try others.

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