Sunday, April 06, 2014

One more week in Abbott

It's been 2 months since I have tendered, and now i'm into my last week.
It's so fast that I really haven got time to even count down and relax. I was foreseeing that I could have time for teabreaks every now and then. But I was wrong. haha..

Clearing my last outstanding for audit and mapping out procedures step by step! Haven been doing OT like nonstop. Feel so tired.

Anyway, my last few weeks was also just catching up one last time and farewell lunches, making me overeat everyday.

Went to Fukuichi Japanese Dining located at Triple One Somerset.
Prices are quite steep. Like double the price of Sushi Tei?... Thanks to Ed for this treat. :)
Love their rolls. Very good and unique.

Triple One Somerset
111 Somerset Road #02-11/12, Singapore 238164
T: 6271 5586 / 6472 8269

Seared Salmon Roll. Damn good.

Beef roll. Sushi seldom have beef, but this is good!

And another day of japanese lunch at Sushi Tei with the medical team. :)
Jap food overload!!!

One more week to go!!! Better get back to working now. Too many procedures to write, and tomorrow must do walk through already!

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