Monday, April 14, 2014

My farewell @ Abbott

Had my farewell dinner with the finance colleagues at Carousel! Finally man. Been wanting to try this but never had a chance to. Heard reviews that it's better than The Line... And true enough, IT IS better than The Line. But I would say Marina Mandarin is better.
The deserts line looks very colourful and tasty. but it was bad. Can just miss all this. Not worth your tummy space.

The fresh seafood!!! Great!!!!!! Overall, their seafood, and Jap counters are good, and they have a wide variety of cooked food and carved meats. Do try them out!!!


Thanks for the treat!!!
Thereafter, a few of us went for a drink together at Gusto, opposite Wheelock.
Chit chat before ending the night at 1am. Luckily, all of us made it in time for next day's work.. haha..
A special cider that hardly seen around. Sweet and refreshing taste!!!
I'm loving ciders!

My last day of work... took photos with a few of my good friends.
Hui Min, although we no longer have to work closely in work, and we may not be related, but we are still very close, talk personal stuff cause of this special connection. :)
I don't know what is it exactly, but we just.. click.
Love her for being straight and dare to speak up.  

Hui Min - Group Product Manager (Medical)

Yen Chin, joined only a year, but has been supporting us continously. She's the kan jiong type lah. and the go by the books one. Typical accountant. haha.. :)

Yen Chin, my manager

My mentor, my supporter, from Day 1 I stepped into Abbott. She groomed me to where I am today, and definitely she's one of the smartest person around. She taught me all I knew, and gave me opportunities to learn and grow.
It was really really hard on my last day. I tried not to tear in front of her when she hugged me cause I didn't want to leave with a bad memory.
But the moment I walked out of the door, tears flowed.
I can't thank her enough for always allowing me to be her left hand and supporting her even though I was fresh.
Gaining so much knowledge within 4 years + of finance experience is extremely privilege. To earn this level of status is also because of her. I'll probably never forget her for the rest of my life.
Van - Finance Director


(left-right) - Cay, Celyn
International Finance Operations

Another precious person is also Helen, standing to my right side. She is my Godma. She's the one who I always share my ups and downs with her. She gives me guidance and shares her own experience in life. She's like a mum to me. Really really miss her. She's the one I'm most worried about actually... .... haiz.

Anyway, my last day with Abbott Laboratories (Singapore) Pte Ltd ended on 10th April 2014.
Really grateful to have spent these days, fire fighting and being part of all major projects with such a great team.

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