Monday, December 01, 2014

November birthday moments

Well, before I head for a mini getaway tonight, shall pen my thoughts for awhile. Feeling slight restless and demotivated with much time in my hands. It's been 7months since I last OT, and I always get to see the sun before it sets. Not sure if it's a good/bad thing, but definitely, I feel I'm not doing more to my life. I'm still searching for something out there (i dunno what)... and I hope I can find a solution.  Praying that up above can give some guidance.  About my november, is of course celebrating the last 2 little ones in the group!Happy birthday to weilin and sylvia! Celebrated at Kbox Marina Square for singing and buffet dinner.And, due to my failure in "siam-ing", yuez managed to buy a cake at Medz! The wonderful rainbow cake! :):):)

Update soon!

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