Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Cameron Highlands - Bee Farm, Time Tunnel Museum & The Smokehouse

Continuing our journey for Day 1 after BOH tea, we went on to the Honeybee farm which is just down the hill exiting the Boh tea plantation. It's just beside the new shopping centre called Cameron Square. Note: There isn't much to shop at this new shopping centre cause it's not ready yet as of Nov 2014. Only Old Town was open. haha.
So Bee farm. My most dreaded place. Ewww...
And because of this, there's only 1 photo because I refuse to upload so many. Yuez took the photos cause I didn't wanna be near to them. hehe...
There were alot of little wooden boxed up houses for them to pick and bring back "home" the honey.

Shortly after, we made our way to the Time Tunnel Museum.
There's quite alot of things to see as most of the stuff are very old and probably not your era, unless you are old enough.
You get to see what the older generation use without advance technology.

The younger Lee Kuan Yew and the son.

After the tour, we went on the have our high tea at The Smokehouse.
It's a english tudor style house, in colonial ambience.
It serves English high tea with traditional scones, strawberry jam and cream. That's their popular favourite.
Not only that, the whole place is filled with picture worthy moments. Everything inside is beautifully decorated.
Apparently, the garden has won some awards!
Of course then, who would not take many pictures? hehe...
Note that the price isn't very cheap (in malaysia).

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