Thursday, December 25, 2014

Cameron Highlands: Lavender Garden and Big Red Strawberry Farm

This month passed TOO FAST that I cannot even catch up and have time to sit and use my lappy. That shows that I haven been regularly at home for dinners too! opps.
Super back log with all my photos!
Let me continue the last stretch of Cameron Highlands..
The last day saw us going to Lavender Garden and Big Red Strawberry Farm.
It's really difficult to get a taxi anywhere, so you will have to book a taxi if you wanna go from place to place. Standard price is RM$25 per hour.
However, we did not exactly book a taxi cause my relative drove us to the new shopping centre for lunch and thereafter we tried hitching a ride. People there are generally quite friendly so I think can try if you dare lah.
Luckily, the public bus (they only have 1) came in time! So we hopped on and reached our first destination - Lavender Garden.
It's really a big garden at the entrance and it's so pretty!
Don't feel like in Malaysia at least.
Dotty car!
Going upwards, they have flower garden too!
Here's yuez with her matchy flower with her top. hehe..
Such bright vibrant flower - what not to love :)



Of course, I became slightly hyper and snapping away!
I love flowers!

However, sad to say is that there isn't much lavender when it's called lavender garden. hahaha...
It took us about an hour very leisurely to finish the whole place.
After that, we managed to ask a taxi driver to call his "kaki" and pick us up to go Big Red Strawberry Farm.
There's seriously lots of strawberry farm so ... cannot decide which one is the best. So we randomly picked one that's near the night market and their main street area.
It was huge! It has a plot of vegetable plantation which is so fresh and delicious to eat!
Perks of highlands. Cool weather and the plants can bloom so pretty.

Of course, we were focused and went to our main objective - strawberry picking!!!
You will have to fill at least half of the box they give and it cost abit more expensive. If you head down to the night market, big boxes of strawberry are really cheap.
But that's the fun - picking the strawberries! I had fun! One time enough. hhahaha...

It turns out Sylvia and mine (we shared 1 box) had bigger strawberries inside than yuez. hahaha...
Yuez picked all small strawberries and so I tried to pick bigger ones for her. Can see obviously who picked which one. hahaha...
After all the fun, we went for steamboat dinner cause it was raining and the weather is shiok to eat steamboat! We went to this restaurant which is just opposite of the taxi terminal/ big carpark.
This is a portion for 2 pax! Huge! But has lots of vegetables.
You can order 2 pax even though we have 3 person. Don't need to go by per head.
The tom yum soup was really spicy and sour and super shiok!
We had a long dinner while it kept on raining..

When I got back, I had a super bad tummy ache... and I think it was because of the tom yum soup that I kept dranking. It was really bad. It has been a long time since I had gastric like symptom.
Thankfully, after taking some meds, it was much better.
When we left for Singapore, a terrible thing happened.... our bus broke down!!!!!
We waited for like 3 hours before we could continue our journey, so by the time we reached Singapore, it was really past midnight!!! and I still had work the next day.. -.-""
We were supposed to reach around 7/8pm so I didn't take leave.
Super suay.....
Cameron Highlands I felt is a very slow pace environment and not much things to do so it's a good place to unwind and chill.
However, because more and more investors are going in and building condos etc, it's disrupting the nature and thus, the climate changed as well.
Do head there before it starts to be not cold anymore.


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