Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Cameron Highlands - Westwood Highland & Boh Tea Plantation

November has been busy, and now December is getting even busier!
Better blog whenever I have time.
Most of my weekends in December are booked!
With 1 more month to the end of 2014, it's time to reflect on what has been a blessing, and what has fallen short of your expectation.
Nonetheless, end 2014 with a good one and be thankful that's just is.
Cameron Highland trip with the girls minus 1 over the weekend!
It was a super long 9.5 hours trip by coach. Only 1 coach company goes up from Singapore, and that is Konsortium. Leaves Singapore at 2230hrs and arrive there about 7plus AM depending on traffic.
My first ever super long ride.
Upon arrival, my cousin picked us up from Kampung Raja bus terminal.
Then we chose our stay for 2 nights.
They recently just built some sort like a "minsu" or a hostel like house.

We chose the room that could see stars at night at our window and a flower garden view when we look down.

First floor dining room. Japanese style concept I feel... with bean bags seating.

Outside the dining room, the balcony. This view, definitely don't look like we are in Malaysia.

Two "café owners" who are traitors. hahaha... I don't recall seeing them waving our own flag though.
Below is the flower garden that my relative plants...
Very beautiful daisies blooming. Totally in love with them!

There's a reason to this picture. Can you spot it? hehehe...

After settling down, we went to our first stop which is Boh Tea Plantation. This is a famous attraction in Cameron Highlands. And if you drink tea, can go and tour around and buy home some products.
We walked through the process of tea making, which feels like super old school.
No high technology ...haha 

Olden days equipment which they used to pick the leaves.

A part of Boh's tea plantation. I think they own a very huge place. Awesome scenery for a place like Malaysia. And with the cooling weather, having tea at their café is quite relaxing.
Yuez is the only one who finds it unrelaxing because of the houseflies. hahahaha.

Tourist shot.

When we drove down, my relative was nice to stop by the side of the tea plantation and we took a picture with the tea plantation! It's so green that it gives me a feeling of a wallpaper.

Love this shot. Nature shot.

Do sit at the café and slowly enjoy the tea because the weather is quite cooling. and very good for your eyes. Every where you see is green. haha..
Okay, I like lah.

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