Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Irony

Today I was awoken from my slumber by my vibrating phone. An unknown number called. I immediately woke up and prepare myself to be chirpy. Then I called back...
It was from Recruit Express. He mentioned his name and I remembered I sent my resume applying for a Finance job.
And I thought; " Oh Great! Finally a related industry job for me!!"
He started rapping and then asked me to go down for an interview at 3.30pm.
I was quite happy!

But guess what...
When I went in, he told me he wanted to recruit me.... Yes. Recruit Express wants to recruit me. Haha.. i was in shock! Here I am looking for a job through Recruit Express .. and they offered m their job.
He told me he was amazed by my resume - the fact that i travelled around asia alone to cover conferences and had 3 yrs of experience... hmm..
Damn it.
Why do I get all the offers that are NOT Finance related???
Why everytime when I go for interview, people tell me I am not suited for Finance industry? Even friends tell me so... =(
Is it really fated to go into my passion? ........... haiz...

I think I have caused my brother and mr. bf to be burden by all my daily "discussions"....
God, pls chit-chat to me in my dreams!!!

Anyway, went to visit my ah kim with my mummy... cause she had a stroke and the last time i visited her was during new year time. She's so much better.. can talk liao.. hopefully she can make it for my brother's wedding.. afterall, she took care of my brother when he was young.

After that, my mummy accompanied me to Orchard waited for me... then we went to eat lunch cum dinner..
Oh! Bakerzin is having 50% off for their New York Cheesecake! ... Not bad lar... but i think their cookie and cream one nicer...

till then`

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