Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monday went KTV at Top One with my uni mates. Only a few of us cause it's suddenly got jio-ed de... Pathetic 3 people... the came 1 more..
Introducing the super free graduates... haha.. or rather ... the jobless slackers..
my bestie in uni... SK
(white: Simon) (Other: Nigel)

The package was quite good... Added up around $16 for 7 hours of singing.. plus if they have a bento set lunch from 12pm-2pm which is only $3++. If you order afer that then it will cost you $10! Super huge difference!
Chatted alot and sang like siao... many oldies came out.. and also talked about current happenings..
After that went dinner then go tuition liao...

Today (Tuesday) went for interview at PAYA LEBAR ... -.-"""" ... some stupid crap job which I got offered for 2nd interview after a few hours... sianz... definitely not something i look forward to a job... :(
Tomorrow gonna go out with mummy! ok... gonna sleep liao... i think i just sent like a massive 20 resumes just now.. hahas... And i think i can be awarded The Most Frequent gym member liao.. Morning go.. Evening also go....Nothing to do=Go gym.. my weight hit at low max. of 47kg. Amazing even though that wasn't what i wanted... But my layer of fats around my tummy is still there.. which was my objective!!! Sobsobsob... !!

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