Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cooking Mama Lesson 1 - Cupcake

Tada! I'm not lagging behind. I'm gonna jot down when I did this week! Without study, I have more time to laze around. hehe...

Friday, Irene (my ex-boss) and I went for a cupcake class at Little House of dreams located right at the Basement of Clarke Quay The Central!

The place is quite small hence the class is around 12 people only.
The place is very pretty! Very nicely decorated! Saw the cakes that they customise, very unique and pretty!
My favourite - Rosette Ombre Cake!!! PRETTTTY!!!!

What we learnt was Vanilla Cupcake! The class was very helpful, explaining each and every step of how to do and what to look out for to see if you can continue to next step. The teacher also comes round the table to make sure we did it correctly and each step texture is correct.

After that, she taught us how to fold the piping bag.. so that it doesn't flow the other way out.

And us filling up the lining tray without any mess! :)

After that, while the cupcake was baking in progress, she taught us nice and cute 3D decos! We learnt how to make a flower, ladybug, caterpillar! Mine was successful! hehe... Didn't put alot of deco  cause it's sweet and I wanna try my original taste of the cupcake. But I love my flower that I made! *beams*
GH tried and it tasted good too! Not very dry. He finished 4! :):):)

Shall try going for some chinese cooking classes... and shall start baking for some of my lovely friends!!!!
READ: RSVP! teehee... although Yuez might not eat.. hurhur... I'll force her! :D

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