Sunday, July 21, 2013

Land of Smiles: Bangkok Day 2

Before I start Day 2, if you see my previous post of Day 1, I was talking about the craziness of us buying Macdonalds for supper just to collect the minions...
Can't seem to upload the video of us playing the minions though. x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x DAY 2!
Pratunam Wonton Noodles (Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles) Address: Front of Soi Phetchaburi 15, Pratunam, Bangkok The popular wanton mee in Bangkok. Decided to give it a try since everyone is raving about it. Had it for breakfast because they closed ealrly at 4pm so couldn't eat it for lunch yesterday. It's very easy to find. Just behind our hotel!!! Opposite Platinum and spot Macdonalds! The portion is quite small, the noodles is okay... overall i think it's overated. haha. That's my opinion la. After that we headed to Siam Paragon for a tourist day! We went to Siam Ocean World! Lots of nice creatures, similar to the new Singapore Aquarium too. Per tix was 700Baht on a promotion price. Original price was about 1,00baht i think.
They had the starfish touching session too! similar to Singapore! The feeling of starfish is like a stone feeling. Quite hard. But was told (in Singapore) that although it's hard, we cannot press hard too.
Saw huge stingrays and sharks along the travellator. It looks like our previous Underwater World... which I can't remember when was the last time I went. Opps.
Ended everything with our dear Yuez tourist shot! Haha... I'm always making her do tourist shot. :):):)
Linx had the Chocolate Implosion. Chocolate egg with red velvet cake and almond sauce served with magnum vanilla and icing-covered fruits. I personally think this was the best among all our popular dish we ordered. The velvet cake inside was good!

Yuez's monsieur crepe suzette. Crepe with orange reduction sauce flambe served with magnum brownie and signature moustache- shape biscuit.
Via's j'adore les bananas. Crepe with caramelised banana served with magnum strawberry and caramel biscuit.
Using a knife to eat ice cream. first time ever! lol...
 My toasty francais. Chocolate french toast served with magnum vanilla and strawberry flambe.
Shall try other cafes when I go back to Bangkok!
After that, we shopped around Siam before having an early dinner at a Thai restaurant recommended by Via. Very authentic. Thai setting and the smell also very thai.... haha.. And because we were full from the Magnum, and we were saying we are VERY full and let's not order so much... we still ended up ordering... 6 dishes!!!! -.-"""
Luckily we managed to finish up all of it. I love the Pineapple fried rice!!! Yums!!!
We headed to Union Mall which is near Chatuchak. Took the train (my first time!) because the traffic was starting to jam so take train faster. Shopped there, got some loots before heading back to hotel. Again... couldn't go the bar cause it's raining!!!!

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