Sunday, July 21, 2013

Land of Smiles: Bangkok Day 3&4

Day 3 was practically just shopping!!! We all woke up at 7AM to shop the morning markets just behind our hotel!
After that went to Platinum Mall to continue shopping. Our whole day was so shag that Via and I went to massage at night.
It was the traditional thai massage which I don't usually take. But still via was doing then I did the same.
All the cracking was pain! But the next day when I woke up... I didn't feel any aching!!!
We even went for the gym the next day!

Our last day was without Linx as she went to meet with her friends.
We packed and check out before heading to Siam Paragon. Had Fuji for lunch!!! And we managed to get Yuez to take the tuk-tuk!!!!
We were short of time so taking tuk tuk was the best!

The two photos were after all the retakes where all our hair was so messy from the ride. Took both when the tuk tuk stopped!
Another tourist shot! :) Proof of Bangkok!

Our lunch had to wait around 20min so we walked around the basement and saw soome local delights! Finally Yuez got a taste of local food cause she don't dare to eat roadside food. Crispy coconut pancake.

I love garlic rice!!! Its just so nice to eat it on its own! Fuji prices are cheap and it taste good so I always have this when i'm in Bangkok.

After that, we went back to the little road shop to get some souveniors done for Yuez. We did ours the previous day.
So because it took 1 hour to get it done.... we went for our dessert... Mango Tango! Super long queue!!!! But luckily it wasn't a very long wait.

My love for Mangoes! Good!!!!! Must eat!!!!

That sums up our holiday trip!!!!
Had lots of fun and hopefully the next one will be soon!!!!!


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