Friday, July 19, 2013

Land of Smiles: Bangkok Day 1

Sawadee!!! Took a break to Bangkok from 10-13 July with the lovely girls! Girls trip are always so fun cause we do silly things together. This round, as always, I'm the "mother"... chasing them to wake up and bathe. haha... Spent time trying on clothes and buying Macdonalds happy meals just for the minions!!! Here's a full recap of what we did!!! DAY 1 Flew tigerair and reach bangkok around 3pm... Checked into a new boutique hotel called Glow Pratunam located just opposite Platinum Mall! So convenient! All thanks to Sylvia who's sorta a resident there cause she knows the place SO WELL!!! And she's good at finding good deals, and the hotel didn't disappoint me! The room is big that they even had a nice arm chair by the side, swimming pool and a small gym! My favourite! :D What's best, it's connecting room! :)
By the time we are done with checking in, it was neither here nor there.. so we decided to go Chinatown to have early dinner! Went to the popular T&K restaurant to eat. I always go there even though I don't remember the name. I always say the green colour stall cause opposite stall is red colour. haha.. We were all hungry and we ordered 7dishes! This is the start of our food galore! Our meals for the whole trip were always 6-7 dishes even when we say we not hungry, eat abit only.... -.-!!!!!!!! Back to our dinner, I love the claypot bee hoon and the fried rice. My favourite and the best!!!! Both carbo but impossible for me to resist when i'm there. Oyster is also the next "appetizer" I have. Cause it's cheap!!!!! 50Baht each???!!! And it's fresh!! The whole dinner came up to around 1,000 Baht which is reasonable because alot of seafood .. all prawns in most dishes. We decided to walk around Chinatown and toured around the place to digest before we went for our dessert.....
and.... our dessert... The "everyone knows must go" place. Bird nest & shark fins for dessert. CHEAP!!!! Forced Yuez to take a tourist shot as well cause after all it's her first time to Thailand... How can don't take!!! hehehe...
Our plan was to go Vertigo & Moon Bar at Banyan Tree but because it was drizzling (bar is open concept), we postponed it. Went back hotel and....... bought Macdonalds 5 sets of happy meals .. for MINIONS!!!! I wasn't collecting but I bought 2 for my friends.... Had lots of "retakes" of videos and photos until I think we spent like an hour doing it before actually eating the meal. It turned cold. haha... It was kinda silly to me cause I don't do such thing in Singapore... But it was fun!!! :):):) Shall upload the minions tomorrow cause I need to sleep now. waking up at 5.30am for wakeboarding! Day 2 & 3 coming up real soon!!!!

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