Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Unleased" Wilber Pan 20.07.2013

Last weekend went to Wilber Pan Wei Bo's concert at The Max Pavilion! It was a free ticket from GH's friend because I was told the response wasn't very good. Apparently, 8 tickets from him was given out so we sat with his friend's relatives I think.. cause only 2 of his other friends were interested. lol.

And linx told me his birthday is the same date as me!!!

The turnout honestly didn't seem very good. We were seated at Cat 2, so it's very front of the stage (T-shape stage). Behind us, there were many empty seats. And think the whole hall was half filled only.

So when the concert began, everyone behind starting crowding in front espcially when he came towards the front of the stage. I think  those who went were really fans of his, cause the screamings were as good as full house concert! And guess it's more happening than the usual like Jay's cause everyone was "properly behaved" .. haha..

He was sick and having a sore throat so I think some parts were slightly deeper and hoarse than the usual music.

Overall, it was happening! And I realised there were ALOT of songs that I've never heard of!
But I think I was better than the 4 of us who went. heeeheee...

My pictures isn't good cause he kept walking.. I saw one of my FB friend who used those DSLR, could capture him perfectly when he was walking!!! So below are some of the photos I took from his FB.. opps!
(Credits to Teck Chiat)

There's this part where he ask someone from the audience to come up and he sang a love song to her and sat at the stage (below)! Think she's from the fan club (looking at the orange T-shirt).. but I dunno what's the purpose... haha..

He threw like 2 used towels and 1 water bottle (drank).....

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