Sunday, July 21, 2013

July Rush

July has been a gear 5 speed mode that now I finally have some me-time to slack at home.

After the Bangkok trip with the girls, right very next day was a birthday party of my ex-colleague's baby.
Because the flight was around 8plus, by the time I got home was already 1plus.
Bathed and settled down to bed was 3am.....
Had to wake up early to the party...

GH came over and gave me my favourite flower! Sun shine on my butt already. -.-. haha..
:) Thank you.

The cake was huge! But it was supposed to be Hello Kitty figurine but the cake shop got it wrong. Boo hoo!

I love the ballons!!! So cute!!! Although i'm not a  Hello Kitty fan, but I still like it! Feels like a kid again! :)

Went to watch The Rooftop by Jay Chou later in the evening. It was good! Musical movie sort of. Cause alot of singing. Overall, I like it!!! :):):)

Just yesterday went to Wilber Pan's concert, but pictures not uploaded yet. Shall do so soon!

Have been feeling easily tirred these few days. Even Slept earlier for the past week didn't help. Felt my heart beat slower. Couldn't do long running as well. And I noticed myself remembering things more difficult. Can easily forget things.
My dad has been very caring towards me, cooking lots of nourishing soups for me to drink. I make it a point to go home to eat. I still love home cooked food and the time spent together eating with family.
I sometimes dream that I can sleep and didn't wake up the next day... so made me even more scared.. so i treasure even more.

Shall update soon again! :)

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