Sunday, March 30, 2014

Taiwan Day 11: Taipei

Our last full day in Taiwan....:(:(
Spend our day nua-ing.. relaxing instead of go sight seeing.
Headed to Beitou to do hot spring!
Chose Atami Hotel after doing some research... Spacious room!

This is personal room for hot spring. Cost is relatively cheap.  

After 2 hours of hot spring, we headed to Dan Shui for a tea break and leisure walk.
Weather was finally getting hot...
Ate this ice cream but it was meh only. Don't really like it. Quite blant.

Fried dumpling. Good!!!!

After that, the boy told me to go back hotel.... cause we were moving hotel..
I was like... didn't we booked TS hotel for 2 nights?!
But... he said no... cause he had a surprise for me...
So we went back to collect our luggage......
I just blindly followed him... And ended up at a very beautiful place.
It's called SATO castle. It's near Miramar.
It's really very beautiful, exactly like a castle. The entrance looks like one, and the hotel room is like wow! 
There's a real garage in front before entering your room. 
Apparently, car can drive up and park. Damn cool. 
The room was wow too! He chose mermaid room. 
I wanted to take photo but he don't let me ... say he want me to remember in my mind... hahaha... so not him. anyways, so I didn't take. 
But I can still remember. The room facilities is the best too. There's a bath tub with jacuzzi, and a TV in front of the bath tub!!!! 
The bathing is separate, with many functions too! 
I found the link, so check it out. It's exactly what you see in the website photos.  

Below was our last day photo. Outside Sato. 

Back to our last night, we went to Raohe Night Market for dinner!

Queued for this!

It's like Japanese food. Quite good.

Osyter for NT$40?!!! CHEAP!!!
 That pretty much sums up my last night in Taiwan.
We left late morning the next day back home.

This trip definitely is a memorably one for me.
Our first long trip together, and the beautiful surprise on the last night.
Not only that, this whole trip was planned by him. I was studying and also busy settling my stuff, so he did all the research by himself, only asking me occasionally on some matters.
Really thankful for him, for his patience during these times.

I feel so blessed, but at times, feeling so guilty, because he has been accommodating towards me.
So many things because of me, he cannot do, and there are limitations to what we have in the future.
I don't know how our future will be, but everytime when i think about this, I feel sad and guilty.

But, I will stay positive and happy, that's all he ask for.
Thank you for this wonderful trip, even though you don't read this.

Well, if you ever need any information, brochures, let me know, I hope I can help!


  1. Hello
    i want to know how much your budget in Taiwan ? not include ticket

    thank you

    1. Hi Pimol, the expenses (daily food, transport, tours) was around 30,000 TWD for both of us. It will be around 2,500 TWD per day for 2 person. :)

  2. Hello

    How much you spent in total for 11 nights. Where is the place that having snow? How to travel from one place to another?
    My email:

    1. Hello! I cannot remember how much exactly... but think it was around SGD $2,500. The snow was during our Taroko Gorge journey to HeHuanShan.
      Between Hualien to CingJing (passes Taroko), we hired a driver. You can actually get buses from one town to another, or take the trains. It's very convenient and timely. :)