Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nespresso x Fortissio Lungo Grand Cru

In case you didn't know, Nespresso is under Nestle group. So, this explains me cutting down on kopi during lunch and seeing me seating around the Nespresso lounge for a teabreak and trying out different types of capsules. hehe...
So, on Tuesday, Nespresso has generously organised a breakfast to introduce their new addition of Lungo - Fortisso Lungo.
According to their brochure, it is created from a sophisticated blend of coffee beans from Central-South America combined with the previous full Arabica Monsoon Malabar from India.
These West Indian coffee beans are exposed to monsoon winds after harvest to recreate the conditions of the long sea journeys to Europe in the age of sailing ships, thus revealing a distinguished aromatic profile.
After said that, I'm not an expert in coffee, though I am starting to appreciate them.
A permanent range of coffee capsules at the lounge. The darker the colour of the capsule, the higher intensity it is.

Trying out the new lungo. Isn't the machine gorgeous?! Love the red hot little Maestria!!
The intensity of the new Fortissio Lungo is 8. So it kinda taste strong, bitter but robust flavour.
I added mine with a dash of milk so that it isn't that strong and it came up not bad! No sugar added.

The huge spread of breakfast. Taste great!

For more information, check out
Alternatively, visit their 2 Nespresso Boutiques at
Nespresso Boutique ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #01-14
Singapore 238801
Nespresso Boutique Takashimaya Orchard
Department Store B1
Singapore 238873

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