Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Taiwan Railway Bento

After much recommendation and reviews of this Taiwan Railway Bento, we decided to give this a try!
Having eaten the real bento in Fen Chi Hu, I hope I could get a similar kind of "feeling".
We went to the newer outlet at east side which is at CT Hub. It's diagonally opposite Singapore Casket, walkable distance from Lavender MRT... around 10min?
CT Hub
2 Kallang Avenue
Singapore 339407  
Didn't bring my camera out.. so make do with Samsung pictures.
They have quite an extensive menu, which couple of side dishes which includes railway wings, beancurd, oyster mushroom, fried intestine, sweet potato.
Wanted to try the fried intestine but someone doesn't eat that. :(

The railway wings, comes with 2 of 3-joint wings. So-so only...
Please try the fried intestine. I got feeling... better than this. haha..
My bento box which is quite impressive. Portions are actually big! I ordered Soya Chicken Cutlet Bento. The chicken is a big portion, more than Shihlin.
The gravy with minced meat was generous and it's actually delicious! Both GGH and myself like it a lot. Though, no offense, it's still a different taste from the authentic bento at Fen Chi Hu. Great nonetheless!
The standard ingredient for all bento is the egg, sausage, tofu, and salted vegetables.
The tofu and salted vegetables were great! In fact, the salted vegetables was the first thing I finished! Craving for more actually. haha...  

GGH's bento - Red Yeast Bento. The meat was chunky! Super worth it lah. Most of the bento cost $6.80, and portion is great! And delicious too! The meat has a bit of pepper/ plum, added the flavour to the meat.

One of the better Taiwanese food in Singapore that I can find and tried. I think this one wins the Shihlin and those commercialised one.
Do go there early during weekends, cause when we went there around 7pm, we were the last few customers. Everything was sold out thereafter.
In addition, the place isn't very big. The picture below, I was sitting on the first table near the entrance. So.. that's about the number of tables there you see.  

Shall hunt another Taiwan food another day! Missing my Taiwan trip already....

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