Monday, July 28, 2014

Perfect Percolate

One of my latest hangout nearby is the new east café located at Bedok.
This café is probably 2-3 months old? But it serves just the right coffee.
In fact, it's the first time the boy also said the coffee was great and cakes were good too!
Having Nespresso on weekdays, I have learnt to enjoy even more the taste of coffee, raw, bitter taste.
Blk 132 Bedok North Ave 3
As you can see below, it's a very small shop, it's half of a normal shop.
Fits only like 25 people?
Very small...
Very small and dainty deco....

So on my first visit, we chose Lemon raspberry cake and a normal latte.
The cake was very refreshing and that zesty taste was just right.
The coffee, close to perfect! The milk was just nice, and I didn't had to put sugar.
The coffee came out just right without being too strong.
Total loves. And, it made me go for a 2nd visit within a month. hehe...

So just today, we tried the salted caramel cake.
Dense and not too sweet cake. You know sometimes caramel cakes gets too overly sweet? ...
This is totally not even there.
But of course, if your preference is sweet then maybe this isn't for you.
Took my usual latte, parfait.
This is how weekends should be.
This place is gonna be one that I'll be visiting often, and popping by trying all their cakes, and sipping my latte with a book.
Like the fact that it's not big, means it's not very noisy.
Perfect me-time, and it's near the boy's place. :)

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