Thursday, July 17, 2014

River Safari

Okays... We did a tourist thingy this time round, which is visiting River Safari! It was actually Sylvia who wanted to go lah... hehe
To beat the crowd and heat plus it's super far, we decided to meet at 8.30AM!!! Yeap. How enthusiastic we were ... hehe...
We took bus 138 from Ang Mo Kio MRT which is about 30min journey time, way faster than if you take train to the west.
The excited us! All of us were smiling so happily, maybe not linx. haha...
It's actually one big round, so you can just follow along to make sure you don't miss any areas.
First up was Rivers of the world.

Mississipi River - The largest river in North America and the fourth longest in the world.

You will get to see the paddlefish, super weird looking mouth that looks like a paddle. Apparently, the flat snout detects electric impulses to navigate and locate food.
Did you know??? Paddlefish eggs are sold as caviar!
Ugly also can be expensive okay?!

You will also get to see alligators too in this section.
The Congo River, the second longest river in Africa and the deepest in the world. This river is Africa's greatest source of hydropower.
And you will see the scary evil fish. Tiger Fish, Piranhas of Africa.
Look at its teeth!!! Super sharp!
According to the fact board, they have sharp teeth and are exposed because they do not have lips. They hold replacement teeth in their jaws and push them out to replace missing or broken teeth.

Passing through the River Nile, you will reach Ganges river.

Indian Gharial alligator. It's super long that I couldn't catch the whole body in a picture. Have to stand very far which was slightly tough cause there were other people.

Walking through Mekong river, couldn't recall what they have, and you reach the highlight of why we came to river safari. I think that's mostly the reason why people would come here.
Giant Panda forest!

Before seeing the panda, there's this red panda which is super CUTE!!!
I think this is the cutest of all the animal I've seen here!!!!!

Did my best to focus using this point and shoot camera. Not very pro in taking photos myself. haha..
So adorable...

And then..... there's Kai Kai who's emo-ing. Look at him!!!
Facing the tree and putting one hand on his forehead.
I didn't come here to see him emo!!!

At least, Jia Jia was better... well ... she took effort to do cat walks like every 2 minutes. And her cat walk route is standard. hahaha...

After enough of seeing pandas, we decided we should eat pandas!!!! hehehe...
Come here must try right? Might as well be a full fledge tourist for the day. haha...
Get "chop" here.

The popular panda bao. $2.90 each! One is custard chocolate while the other is dou sha.
Differentiate them.
Taste.... super normal. I think Khong Guan bao way nicer.
First and the last time I'll eat this.

The chicken with salt and pepper which was quite nice.

Ordered Bamboo Rice with fish set meal, passed. Cost like $16.90 for a meal!!!

After that,  we went for the river cruise, additional $5.

The animals you should see potentially.... haha...

Don't sit in the first row, cause definitely you will get wet.
Second row, slightly.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see a lot of animals. Most of them were hiding one corner and taking afternoon nap.

The ride took only like 5-10 min? ... Totally not worth it. hahaha...
After that, there were a few more animals but I didn't take cause I was tired.. haha...
After eating effect, plus the sun was starting to come out. hahaha...
Then we reach the last area which is the Amazon Flooded Forest.
Feels like S.E.A Aquarium. Huge tank with many fishes.
Super huge Manatees having their lunch.

Otter!!!! One of my favourite animal. hehe.. cute lah. and they swim beautifully.

Tourist shot! Love this pic! Do-Re-Mi-Fa. :) 

The whole excursion took about 3.5 hrs including lunch time, and it was quite comfortable with no rush.
Overall, I think the ticket price is not worth it. Rather pay to go zoo than this.
So, you probably not see me in here anytime soon... haahhaa...

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